Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Thin.

0.52	Sat Sept 15 2001
	- New version for CPAN, but no changes from 0.5102

0.5102  Wed Jul 18  2001
	- Brought CGI::Thin and CGI::Thin::Cookies back into the same tarball for
	  easier distribution
	- Moved both files into the t directory as tests 01 and 02
	- Moved both *.pm files into the lib directory

0.51  April 2001
	- Create and spin off CGI::Thin::Cookies to parse and set cookies.
	  Thus this module can remain focused on form parsing only
	- Fixed some nits picked by Barrie Slaymaker <>
		- switched from s/\+/ /g to tr/+/ / which should be a tad faster
		- You might want to use %([0-9a-fA-F]{2} to avoide grabbing illegal
		  escapes and passing non-hex data to hex().
		- switched from a pack("c",hex($1)) to a chr(hex($1))
		- ';' is a synonym for '&' in query strings, no longer overlooked.
		- What if there are parameters in both the query string and in
		  multipart/form-data? Could CGI::Thin be tweaked to process both?
		  Now it always looks at $ENV{QUERY_STRING} and then does multi-part or POST
		- If somebody sticks a %3D in a name, a very remote possibility, there
		  could be problems.  Moving the index($i,"=") up and de-escaping the
		  key and name seperately might do the trick.
		  Now decode hex characters after the split so they work.
		- CGI::Thin doesn't seem to know about keyword style query strings like "/foo?a&b&c".
		  Changed to using a split ("=", $item, 2).  So key can be set without a value.
    - Added a and other CPAN friendly extras

0.41  Sun Feb 11 00:20:00 2001
	- first released version (CPAN)

0.40  Tue Jul 18 11:54:08 2000
	- first released version ( 

0.31  4/22/99
    - now can handle multipart forms and read in files
    - also changed multiple entries in one name, now returns an array of values

0.30  12/18/98
    - changed to Parse_CGI and now returns the hash not the size of the hash
      and has no input pointer to the hash

0.20  7/5/95
	- Craig R. Meyer Optimized ReadParse()
    - Use read() not getc(), don't use subscripts

0.10  1993
	- Steven E. Brenner wrote, original available from...