Revision history for CHI-Driver-Redis

0.09 February 24, 2015
  * Change how parameters are stored and passed to the Redis constructor
  * Migrate to Moo
  * Jettison _verify_redis_connection

0.08 August 13, 2014
  * Use Test::Mock::Redis for tests when CHI_REDIS_SERVER not set

0.07 August 11, 2014
  * Add prefix option to prefix all keys

0.06 August 4, 2014
  * Set Redis encoding option to undef to disable encoding
  * Fix store to use expires_in (RT#78120)
  * Revert "Use hashes."
  * Change maintainer
  * Add support for password option to Redis (RT#97382)

  * Use hashes to store info rather than crazy sets and keys.
  * Indiscriminately turn off the UTF-8 flag on data coming out of so CHI can handle it.
  * Bump dependency versions.

0.04    March 17, 2010
  * Separate ping check from reconnection exceptions so that being disconnected
    doesn't become a permanent problem.  We now reconnect when Redis comes back.

0.03    March 17, 2010
  * PODed implementation details
  * Conditional tests

0.02    December 22nd, 2009
  * POD updates
  * Rename _redis attribute to redis
  * Lazily set redis attribute so that it is not populated until the first
    use.  This – plus some new error handling – prevent crazy explosions when
    Redis isn't available at instantiation time.
  * Add warning for when ->ping fails

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.