Revision history for Perl module CLDR::Number

0.12 2015-08-29
 - Add support for passing infinity, negative infinity, and NaN arguments to all
   formatting methods (format, at_least, range) on all formatting classes
   (decimal, percent, currency), because those are valid numeric values in Perl,
   which are now all localized even though it doesn’t always make sense
   [issue #26]
 - Add `infinity` and `nan` attributes to all classes in addition to the decimal

0.11 2015-08-25
 - Upgrade CLDR data from v24 (2013-09-18) to v27.0.1 (2015-03-30) [issue #33]
 - Add bin/ script to update Perl data from CLDR JSON
 - Add new locales including dsb (Lower Sorbian), fy (West Frisian),
   hsb (Upper Sorbian), lb (Luxembourgish), qu (Quechua), smn (Inari Sami),
   and ug (Uyghur)
 - Remove CLDR data with draft status of 'provisional' or 'unconfirmed', only
   including 'contributed' or 'approved', which is the same threshold as the
   ICU Project as well as the CLDR JSON data as of v27.0.1
 - Remove 'provisional' draft numbering systems until they become at least
   'contributed': brah (Brahmi), cakm (Chakma), osma (Osmanya), shrd (Sharada),
   sora (Sora Sompeng), takr (Takri)
 - Change various symbols for several locales, including grouping symbol in
   es (Spanish, not including Latin American Spanish locales) from
   ' ' (no-break space) to '.' (full stop) and fr-SH (Swiss French) from
   "'" (apostrophe) to ' ' (no-break space)
 - Change negative number format for any locales using formats with parentheses
   like '(N)', including ko (Korean), to using the minus sign like '-N', except
   for accounting format which is not yet supported
 - Change currency decimal symbol for sv (Swedish) from ':' to ',' now matching
   the regular (non-currency) decimal symbol and common usage, resulting in no
   locale having a different decimal symbol for currencies
 - Change THB (Thai Baht) symbol from '฿' to 'THB' for most locales including
   root and th (Thai), due to its general obscurity
 - Change many other currency symbols for many locales, but generally minor
   changes, for example DKK (Danish Krone) in da (Danish) from 'kr' to 'kr.' and
   USD (US Dollar) in fr-CA (Canadian French) from '$US' to '$ US'
 - Change CLF (Chilean Unit of Account (UF)) currency fraction digits
   from 0 to 4
 - Change CZK (Czech Republic Koruna) currency cash fraction digits from 2 to 0
   with default fraction digits remaining 2
 - Change HUF (Hungarian Forint) currency fraction digits from 0 to 2 with
   cash fraction digits remaining 0
 - Change UYI (Uruguayan Peso (Indexed Units)) currency fraction digits
   from 2 to 0

0.10 2015-03-26
 - Improve documentation and unit tests (no functional changes)
 - Docs: Fix attribute name in CLDR::Number::Format::Currency synopsis
   [issue #40] (by Olaf Alders @oalders++)

0.09 2014-11-12
 - Deprecate use of the the `locale` method as a setter. In the future the
   formatter objects’ locale will become immutable. Please see [issue #38] for
   details and to submit comments or concerns:
 - Add items to the FAQ and TODO docs

0.08 2014-03-28
 - Improve locale inheritance to use parent overrides from CLDR data [issue #34]

0.07 2014-03-25
 - Add numbering_system attribute and support non-Latin decimal numbering
   systems [issue #8]
 - Use default numbering system for locale [issue #9]
 - Use numbering system from Unicode extension of locale when provided
 - Integrate Travis CI, Devel::Cover, and Coveralls with GitHub repo

0.06 2014-02-28
 - Improve documentation
 - Add FAQ

0.05 2014-01-26
 - Validate numeric arguments to methods in the same way as core Perl functions:
   warn on non-numeric values and use the leading numeric portion when
   available, otherwise 0 [issue #23]
 - Add class name to uninitialized value warnings [issue #22]

0.04 2014-01-21
 - Implement currency spacing rules from CLDR spec: when a non-symbol character
   in the currency sign would touch a digit, add a space between them,
   e.g. CHF 1.99 instead of CHF1.99 [issue #7]
 - Use private-use characters U+F8F0–U+F8F4 internally as placeholders,
   which makes them unavailable for use in patterns and signs [issue #24]
 - Add private module CLDR::Number::Constant to provide internal placeholder
   variables [issue #25]

0.03 2014-01-15
 - Handle uninitialized values as arguments to the format, at_least, and range
   methods by warning and returning undef [issue #22]

0.02 2013-12-30
 - Bugfix: encoding error for escaped quotes ('') within patterns on
   Perl ≤ v5.8.8 [issue #20]
 - Bugfix: require Moo v1.001000 for support of non-reference default attribute
   values [issue #21]
 - Docs: minor improvements

0.01 2013-12-26
 - First non-development release
 - Optimization: preparse and cache patterns and attributes from predefined CLDR
   data [issue #3]
 - Add documentation, but more is needed

0.00_03 2013-12-17
 - Yet another development release
 - Remove clearer methods for primary_grouping_size/secondary_grouping_size
 - Currency: fix minimum_fraction_digits/maximum_fraction_digits bug [issue #1]
 - Tests: remove warnings to stderr and test warnings [issue #2]

0.00_02 2013-12-16
 - Yet another development release
 - First public CPAN release

0.00_01 2013-12-02
 - Development release