Version 0.08: 2020-07-12
  * Fix the mapping of underscores in attribute names to dashes in option
    names (sivoais again).

Version 0.07: 2020-07-02
  * Fix inline subcommands, broken by 0.06 (sivoais).

Version 0.06: 2020-06-30
  * Fix incorrect and weird handling of short options when "abbreviate" mode is
    enabled. Only "--" style long options will be considered as possible
    abbreivations (Pete Sergeant, vague666).
  * Optionally load subcommands only on demand, for faster startup of large
    applications (Yanick Champoux).
  * Fix a documentation error regarding preserve_argv (vague666).

Version 0.05: 2020-02-27
  * Fix "prefer_commandline" import option to work properly (thanks ufoboat).
  * Use Moo::Role->is_role to check whether we're being used in a role
    (thanks djerius).
  * Add missing methods to CLI::Osprey::Descriptive::Usage
    (fixes 'Can't locate object method 'die'") (thanks djerius).
  * Remove test dependency on Test2 for lighter installs.
  * Fix "description_pod" and "extra_pod" import options (thanks yanick).
  * Fix a cpanfile version req that didn't match the "use" version req 
    (thanks yanick).

Version 0.04: 2018-07-22
  * Fix "added_order" option.

Version 0.03: 2017-12-09
  * Fix line wrapping for "Subcommands available" list

Version 0.02: 2017-09-30
  * Add missing prereq: Path::Tiny

Version 0.01: 2017-07-30
  * Initial release