Revision history for Perl extension cog.

0.01  - original version; created around Dec 2004.
        This version didnt work very well!
0.02  - Jan 2004. Moving towards an object oriented 
        approach. Trepanning. 

0.05  - Stacking, Bosses, Graham Escapement. 
        Better documentation. Better distribution.
0.06  - Rename module to CNC::Cog and CNC::Cog::Gdcode
        and CNC::Cog::Gcode

0.061 - Version with package changes so that it installs
       	correctly under Linux. No functional changes to code. 
        Changes to remove warnings have been made, including 
        renaming the function push of the class profile to ppush. 
        Unless you used this class which is not part of the 
        exported interface this wont affect you.