Revision history for CPAN-Dependency

0.16    2012.09.14
        [BUGFIX] CPAN-RT#47409: Handle new CPANTS schema.
        [TESTS] Removed Bundle::Phalanx100 from t/11skip.t
        [DOC] Highlight that this module is no longer that useful.
        [DOC] Add instructions to create a ramdisk on OS X.5+
        [DOC] Add links for Solaris 11's ramdiskadm(1M) manual page.

0.15    2008.03.05
        [TESTS] Really fixing t/11skip.t

0.14    2008.03.04
        [TESTS] Fixing t/11skip.t

0.13    2008.03.02
        [TESTS] CPAN-RT#24706, #33726: Fixed the warnings generated by CPANPLUS 
        from t/02internals.t by splitting this script into several parts. 
        Module processing tests are now disabled for non-local mirrors in order
        to avoid connection timeouts. Thanks to Peter Scott and Andreas Koenig.

0.12    2008.01.13
        [DIST] Fixed missing prereqs in Makefile.PL. Updated required versions 
        in Makefile.PL and Build.PL.
        [TESTS] Modified t/02internals.t, t/03diag.t, t/10process.t, t/11skip.t
        to speed up when skipping and to prevent them from crashing when executed
        on smoke boxes.
        [DOC] Added links to similar modules.

0.11    2007.02.10
        [TESTS] CPAN-RT#24707: Fixed t/10process.t

0.10    2005.11.18
        [DOC] Corrected a few typos thanks to Test::Spelling.
        [DOC] Added information on how to create ramdisk for Solaris, FreeBSD and Windows. 

0.09    2005.10.18
        [BUGFIX] RT#15093 (David Landgren): Applied patch to handle new CPANTS database 
        (now in SQLite3 format).
        [BUGFIX] RT#14541 (Tels): Added better diagnostics. 
        [DOC] RT#14541 (Tels): Corrected link. 
        [DOC] RT#14542 (Tels): Added a section "Processing Notes" to clarify the fact 
        that CPANPLUS must be configured. 
        [DOC] Corrected small mistake in synopsis.
        [TESTS] Modified 01api.t
        [TESTS] Updated t/10process.t

0.08    2005.07.29
        [FEATURE] Now can parse some types of Module::Install Makefile.PL.
        [TESTS] Updated t/10process.t and t/11skip.t

        [FEATURE] Now using Module::CoreList to skip core modules in order to avoid warnings.
        [BUGFIX] Updated load_cpants_db() to keep up with CPANTS database schema changes.

0.07    2005.04.03
        [TESTS] Corrected t/01api.t
        [TESTS] Updated t/10process.t

0.06    2005.03.19
        [FEATURE] Added function load_cpants_db(). 
        [NEW] Added eg/cpants
        [DOC] Updated documentation.
        [TESTS] Updated t/10process.t

0.05    2005.01.31
        [FEATURE] Now keeping unknown (non CPAN) dependencies.
        [FEATURE] Now recording by which distributions a dist is used.
        [FEATURE] Added option clean_build_dir to control when deleteting the CPANPLUS build dir.
        [TESTS] Added t/03errors.t
        [EXAMPLES] Created a new report with more up-to-date data.
        [DOC] Updated Changes (d'oh!)

0.04    2005.01.30
        [BUGFIX] RT#11267 (Adam Kennedy): Cannot create an object with verbose enabled
        [BUGFIX] RT#11269 (Adam Kennedy): Prevent "perl" from appearing as a prereq
        [TESTS] Added more tests in t/02internals.t
        [TESTS] Added t/10process.t, t/11skip.t

0.03    2005.01.27
        [FEATURE] Put out the score calculation in a new method calculate_score().
        [FEATURE] Added methods save_deps_tree() and load_deps_tree().
        [NEW] Now read META.yml directly instead of using Module::Depends. 
        [NEW] Now parsing Makefile.PL or Build.PL when no META.yml is found.
        [NEW] Now skip bundles. 
        [EXAMPLES] Splitted eg/cpandep into eg/find_deps and eg/score
        [EXAMPLES] Added eg/mkreport, eg/report.html and eg/style.css
        [TESTS] Added t/02internals.t

0.02    2005.01.23
        [BUGFIX] Now avoid some cases where CPANPLUS could make CPAN::Dependency die. 
        [TESTS] Added t/01api.t
        [EXAMPLES] Updated eg/cpandep.
        [DOC] Updated documentation. 

0.01    2005.01.20
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.