Revision history for CPAN-Faker

0.010     2013-10-22 19:02:09 America/New_York
          adapt to new Module::Faker

0.009     2013-08-01 22:53:53 America/New_York
          do not require source dir to be +w (thanks, Randy Stauner!)

0.008     2013-01-30 20:11:09 America/New_York
          06perms.txt.gz is now generated

0.007     2011-04-18 14:30:02 Europe/Amsterdam
          require Module::Faker 0.008 for .dist files

          more aggressively make_path the destination as needed

0.006     2011-04-17 17:43:52 Europe/Amsterdam
          produce a sorted 02packages

          add the cpanfaker program

          slightly improved validation of arguments

0.005     2011-04-16 14:31:59 Europe/Amsterdam
          write an 06perms.txt

0.004     2008-05-07
          add more public interface and documentation (HDP, RJBS)
          most of this work is to allow construction of the indices without
          using a source dir or the make_cpan method

0.003     2008-04-28
          promote (by renaming) write_modlist_index and write_package index

0.002     2008-03-15
          add some documentation

0.001     2008-03-14
          first revision, basically no documentation or tests, but hey! at
          least I got it out the door