Revision history for Perl module CPAN::Reporter::Smoker

0.29      2017-04-15 09:52:48-04:00 America/New_York


    - Fixed tests for perls without '.' in @INC.

0.28      2016-02-29 19:06:11-05:00 America/New_York


    - More tests (CHORNY)

    - New experimental option to skip distributions released before some date (CHORNY)

    - New experimental option _hook_after_test (CHORNY)


    - Skips Perl 6 distributions

0.27      2015-03-10 04:33:13-04:00 America/New_York


    - New option 'random' to randomize distribution test order (GREGOA)

0.26      2014-03-14 15:52:43+01:00 Europe/Paris


    - New option 'skip_dev_versions' to work on minicpans (CHORNY)

0.25      2013-11-06 10:06:15 America/New_York

    - Add reloading history of modules smoked (CHORNY)

    - Add support for custom filtering (CHORNY)

0.24      2011-07-21 00:12:34 America/New_York

    - Fixes test failures with CPAN::Reporter 1.19_04

0.23      2011-06-01 17:54:27 America/New_York

    - Fix cache cleanup with newer (STSC)

0.22      2010-12-07 16:05:46 EST5EDT

    - Force localization of index files (don't allow cached copies)

    - Convert distribution to Dist::Zilla management

0.21 - Wed Sep 29 07:45:04 EDT 2010


    - Skips t/smoke-disabled.t unless YAML is installed

0.20 Mon Sep 27 21:02:21 EDT 2010


    - Checks distroprefs for skipping before firing up a CPAN test process
      [Christian Walde]

    - New 'reverse' option to reverse distribution test order
      [Serguei Trouchelle]

    - New 'force_trust' option to switch on CPAN's trust_test_report_history
      (instead of relying on the existing CPAN configuration)


    - Temporary directories are labeled "C-R-Smoker-XXXXXX" to help
      identify them

0.19 Fri Jun  5 07:08:10 EDT 2009

    - Added: 'install' argument to install modules rather than just test
      them (without installing).  This helps avoid growing PERL5LIB at
      the cost of disk space of installed modules.  (Patch from 
      Serguei Trouchelle)


    - Changed: bumped CPAN, CPAN::Reporter, Module::Build and 
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker prereqs to latest versions

    - Fixed: don't treat files in CPAN mirror as distributions

0.17 Sat Sep 20 10:11:00 EDT 2008

    - Added: 'list' argument may also be a filename
0.16 Sat Sep 20 08:54:49 EDT 2008

    - Added: 'list' argument to specify a particular list of distributions
      to test instead of testing all of CPAN in reverse order

    - Changed: sets PERL_EXTUTILS_AUTOINSTALL=--defaultdeps environment
      variable for automatic handling of Auto Install dependency

    - Changed: bumped up the CPAN::Reporter and Test::Reporter prereqs

0.15 Sun Jun 22 23:53:26 EDT 2008

    - Test fixed: smoke.t and smoke-restart.t no longer fail if PERL5OPT is
      set (as by CPAN::Reporter dev releases)

0.14 Wed Jun 18 19:13:27 EDT 2008

    - Fixed: localizing CPAN config was causing some segfaults on 5.6.2;
      removed the call to local() as a workaround

0.13 Tue Jun 10 22:38:15 EDT 2008

    - Fixed: under build_dir_reuse, be sure to regenerate build dirs before
      calling reset_tested

0.12 Tue Jun  3 11:52:49 EDT 2008

    - Added: 'status_file' argument used to record distribution being
      tested into a file; helps in determining which distribution is at
      fault if testing some distribution crashes or hangs the computer
    - Added: shows count of distributions found when index is processed
      and number of the current distribution being tested

    - Changed: CPAN::Reporter history is cached at startup for faster 
      processing of distributions already tested
0.11 Sat May 17 11:59:08 EDT 2008

    - Documented: support for 'build_dir_reuse' is experimental and needs
      CPAN 1.92_62 (as yet unreleased) to work properly
0.10 Fri May 16 08:27:47 EDT 2008

    - Added: 'clean_cache_after' argument to have CPAN clean its build cache
      after a certain number of distributions are smoked (default 100)

    - Added: 'set_term_title' boolean argument to control whether the terminal
      title is updated or not (default 1)

    - Changed: if CPAN config option 'build_dir_reuse' is true and CPAN has
      the 'reset_tested' method, then 'reset_tested' will be called prior
      to each distribution's smoke test to limit PERL5INC to direct
      dependencies only instead of all available build directories

    - Documented: how to use (and limitations of) CPAN's build_dir_reuse
      config option

0.09 Wed Apr 23 22:56:17 EDT 2008

    - Documented: CPAN distroprefs option is 'prefs_dir' not 'pref_dir'
      (Serguei Trouchelle)

0.08 Mon Mar 24 13:46:46 EDT 2008

    - Changed: smoker now maintains a cache of distributions seen during 
      a session to speed up skipping distributions already tested when
      the smoker rechecks indices and restarts testing
    - Fixed: our $SIG{INT} handler now installed *after* installs its 
      handler so we take precedence

0.07 Mon Mar 10 08:32:50 EDT 2008

    - Added: Sets title of terminal window (xterm or Win32) to indicate 
      current distribution being smoked (adds Term::Title as prereq)

    - Changed: interrupting smoker with CTRL-C now shows what distribution
      was interrupted (helpful for disabling in distroprefs)

    - Changed: progress message -- added blank line before to help it stand out
      and localtime() timestamp to help see how long a test has been running
      (e.g is it hung?)

    - Documented: how to use 'trust_test_report_history' and 'halt_on_failure' 
      config options from the latest dev release of

    - Documented: cache purge happens when indices are checked for new distros

0.06 Thu Mar  6 10:12:26 EST 2008

    - Added documentation on using distroprefs to skip building and testing
      certain distributions

    - Edited other usage hints for clarity

0.05 Tue Feb 26 22:56:12 EST 2008

    - Smoker now periodically checks for new distributions; added
      "restart_delay" option (default 12 hours) to control frequency
    - Added support for CPAN cache scanning on start and at each restart (if
      configured in CPAN::Config)
    - Changed invocation of CPAN so trust_test_report_history option will work

    - Skips Bundles and mod_perl

0.04 Mon Feb  4 11:51:16 EST 2008

    - Quick fix of broken distribution (added missing prereq and restored
      a private function that was mistakenly deleted)

0.03 Mon Feb  4 11:23:43 EST 2008

    - Vastly improved logic for selecting distributions to test

    - Test suite confirms smoke tester picks up a developer version
      (still could be improved)
0.02 Mon Jan 28 11:55:35 EST 2008

    - Added rudimentary test of smoke testing

    - Updated prerequisites

0.01_02 Mon Jan 21 19:28:58 EST 2008

    - Added support for smoking developer releases 

0.01_01 Sun Jan 20 22:55:20 EST 2008

    - initial alpha release