Revision history for CPAN-Reporter-Smoker-Safer

0.04	2010-12-16
	* ==> CHANGED DEFAULT min_reports value to 0, since it's takes extra
	  time and bandwidth to fetch and parse all the .yaml files to get
	  a count of the reports.
	* min_days_old fixed -- no longer requires a http fetch
	* min_reports fixed -- refactored to use yaml from
	* updated deps in Makefile.PL
	* POD updates
	* Added logic to __filter() to exclude if already smoked.
	  This is same check that CPAN::Reporter::Smoker does, just sooner.
	  Added dep of CPAN::Reporter::History
	* Updated tests to be more runtime & bandwidth friendy ... specifically
	  wrt to min_reports checks.

0.03    2009-01-31
        * added safer=>{preview=>1} option for debugging/testing.
        * added t/start.t
        * POD updates

0.02    2009-01-22
        * Removed ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.48 and perl 5.6.1 version restrictions.
        * Refactored __filter to use Barbie's new api.
            This allowed for the removal of the my*() hack functions.
        * In the default __filter(), unknown upload date or reports counts are treated as untrusted.
        * API change -- changed the custom params to start() from safer__foo=>val key/value pairs to safer=>{}.
        * Pod updates.

0.01    2009-01-20
        * Initial release.