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* Release 1.32 [2015-10-05 Mon] <jnbek@cpan.org>

** Temporarily disable the upload feature

** Fix documentation to change the contact infomation.

* Release 1.31 [2015-10-05 Mon] <jnbek@cpan.org>

** Fix regex warning in cpan2aur

** Taken over maintainership from juster.

* Release 1.30 [2015-03-17 Tue]

** Change package homepage to use metacpan.org

** Fix bug caused by CRLF newlines in files containing pkgdesc.

* Release 1.29 [2014-06-15 Sun]

** Force option to CPANPLUS will pass --force to pacman.

If you specify --force to CPANPLUS this will add the --force
flag to pacman, when installing the package file. Thanks for
the idea Scott.

** Update web link in README

The package has not been on the AUR for many years. Thanks for 
pointing that out Scott.

** Fix bug caused by undefined dependency version.

Text::LevenshteinXS forgot to specify a version for its own dep
inside the META.yml file. This causes the META.yml to be parsed
into a hash with an undefined value. Catastrophic failure ensues!

Reported by Volker Schatz. Thanks!

* Release 1.28 [2013-10-25 Fri]

** Fix bug where packaging fails if checkdepends is empty.

The built-in template engine for PKGBUILDs has been modified. If a
template variable is used which has no assigned value, the empty
string is used as a replacement. An undefined template variable
used in an IF block also evaluates as false.

* Release 1.27 [2013-09-06 Fri]

** Fix broken tests.

Whoops I totally forgot to run tests last release! Turns out some
changes like function renaming and better error checking were
causing massive test failure. Who knew?

** get_pkgvars always returns makedepends and depends.

This is to preserve backwards compatibility. I wouldn't want to cause
errors in custom PKGBUILD templates. If makedepends and depends suddenly
disappeared when empty, this would also require cpan2aur's PKGBUILD.tt
files to be updated... manually!

The new checkdepends and conflicts keys are only returned when they
contain one or more entries. These are rare so this shouldn't be a

* Release 1.26 [2013-08-31 Sat]

** get_pkgvars return value modified.

The key named "depshash" was renamed to "pkglinks". This stands for the
less specific concept of packages linked by dependencies or conflicts.
I did this because "pkglinks" might now contain conflicts as well as

** Improved dependency generation through META-file dependencies.

Package relationships specified in depends, makedepends, checkdepends, and
conflicts arrays are now more completely distinguished. The conversion from
metadata in the META file into lists of dependencies or conflicts has been

* Release 1.25 [2013-04-11 Thu]                                       :BUGFIX:

** Bugfix to match pacman 4.1's new makepkg behavior.

The output PKGBUILD was changed to match makepkg's new behavior. makepkg no
longer allows one to use the srcdir, pkgdir, or startdir variables outside
of functions. I was setting the _distdir variable with the value of srcdir so
that cd-ing into it for every function was less spammy.

* Release 1.24 [2012-12-11 Tue]

** Update cpan2aur for AUR website changes again.

The URIs for login and package submit were changed to /login/ and /submit/.

* Release 1.23 [2012-06-27 Wed]

** Update cpan2aur for AUR website changes.

The AUR passes the session token as an extra POST parameter to prevent
cross-site scripting. cpan2aur needed updating in order to be able to
upload source packages to the AUR.

* Release 1.22 [2012-06-04 Mon]                                       :BUGFIX:

** Avoid using Cwd::abs_path on non-existant directory.

* Release 1.21 [2012-05-31 Thu]

** Developer versions nuked to hell.                                  :BUGFIX:

Developer versions on CPAN have a trailing underscore and numeric
portion (eg 1.2.3_4). These are a largely misunderstood nuisance
which require special logic on the part of perl/CPAN to compare versions.
A dev ver drops the trailing number if compared against a non-dev ver
string. So 1.2.3_4 == 1.2.3 but 1.2.3_4 < 1.2.3_5.

Previously I tried to preserve them but because pacman mercifully
has no special logic to compare them with non-developer version
strings I decided to just remove them entirely from pkgvers.

Long story short... 1.2.3_4 is not equivalent to so why
even try to make it so.

Reported by Florian Pritz (Bluewind)

* Release 1.20 [2012-04-29 Sun]

** Be more careful removing duplicate makedepends/depends.           :BUGFIX:

The depends list starts off with packages containing the modules
in the META.json's build.requires. The build.requires are merged
into the makedepends and these are removed from the depends list.
This was causing a problem with Params::Validate where
perl-module-implementation was showing up only on the makedepends list.

Now this should be fixed because the build.requires is a different
version than the runtime.requires. We don't remove seemingly duplicate
deps that have a differing version string.

However, this is just a hackish fix.  A better fix would be to only use
the META.yml if it is available or else use the pre-requisites CPP provides.

Reported by Florian Pritz (Bluewind)

** Use META.json if it is available.

Now that META.json is more prevalent we can use it instead of META.yml
when it is available.

* Release 1.19 [2011-10-25 Tue]

** Detect non-perl XS deps when using non-english locale.            :BUGFIX:

We scrape pacman's output in order to find package owners of C
libraries that we are linking to. Silly me, I only matched english
output of pacman. We now force the locale to C when we run pacman
behind the scenes.

Reported by Franek at https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=128890

* Release 1.18 [2011-08-21 Sun]

** Trivial fix for $CPANPLUS::Dist::Arch::PACKAGER.

If the PACKAGER environment variable is set then the package variable
$CPANPLUS::Dist::Arch::PACKAGER will now be set to its value,
overriding the /etc/makepkg.conf value.

** cpan2aur: Update to match the latest AUR upgrades.

Logins are now HTTPS only. I thought I updated this already but I
guess that was WWW::AUR instead. Sessions now have lowercase letters
instead of uppercase letters. This confused the session key
loading mechanism.

** Add sha512sums to PKGBUILD.

SHA-512 digests are calculated for the "sources" tarball if the
Digest::SHA module is installed.

** Make all warnings fatal.

Warnings will now stop the program.

** Fix warning messages for undefined module versions.

Warning messages would be printed when a sub-module of a distribution
is depended on. Sub-modules are modules inside a distribution which
don't match the name of the distribution. These are generally hidden
in order to depend only on distributions and not modules. Example
warning message (word-wrapped):

Use of uninitialized value $depver in numeric eq (==) at
/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm line 984.

* Release 1.17 [2011-08-03 Wed]

** If at first you don't succeed, try again harder.

   Okay the last fix didn't really work. Really fix it this time
   and add a test.

* Release 1.16 [2011-08-03 Wed]

** Remove any leading 'v' char in front of versions for perl.

   Since we parse these on our own we must be diligent of the strange
   perl habit of prefixing versions with "v".

   Found when uploading Exporter-Declare to the AUR.

* Release 1.15 [2011-07-06 Wed]

** Depend on perl core modules again

   After getting some coffee in me I realized that it's ok to depend
   on core perl modules because we only depend on them if the
   version we need is greater than the bundled version.

* Release 1.14 [2011-07-06 Wed]

** Core perl modules no longer depend-able

   Because the perl package no longer has a provides list for all the
   core perl modules we cannot depend on any packages for distributions
   that perl comes with.

** Match perl versions with 0's rounded off the end.                 :BUGFIX:

   Like the version string 5.00503 for example. It should convert to
   5.5.30. Reported by xbj9000 on the perl-cpanplus-dist-arch AUR page.

** perl-cpanplus-dist-arch moved to [community]

   Cool! I hope?

* Release 1.13 [2011-06-26 Sun]

** Use makepkg's --nocheck option to skip tests

   Since pacman 3.4 PKGBUILDs can now have a check() function. Inside
   this bash function, tests are run to make sure the build package is
   functioning properly. Since most CPAN modules have tests, the test
   command (make test or ./Build test) are now placed inside check().
   Makepkg has a --nocheck option useful for skipping tests which
   this module now uses instead of commenting out tests.

** Accept dist dirs with "v" version strings                         :BUGFIX:

   cpan2aur now anticipates extracted dist. dirs which have a v in
   their version.

** Use the new version::parse() instead of the obsolete version::qv()

   Keeping up with the times.

** Better makepkg error handling in cpan2aur :BUGFIX:

   When makepkg failed before we didn't handle it properly.

* Release 1.12 [2011-03-25 Fri]

** Upgrades for pacman/makepkg 3.5

*** SRCPKGDEST environment variable

Makepkg uses the 'SRCPKGDEST' environment variable when building a
source package. To override where the package will end up, simply
set SRCPKGDEST. This also means we don't know where it will
end up until create() is called and you specify whether you want
a 'bin' or 'src' package in create()'s parameters.

set_destdir() still allows you to override where a package will be
stored after being built. This method doesn't discriminate between
source or binary packages.

get_destdir() is now alot stupider and will not try to guess where
a package will end up. Instead it just returns what you have given
to set_destdir() previously.

*** check() PKGBUILD function

makepkg allows you to specify a new step when building a package
from a PKGBUILD. Automated tests (via make test or Build test)
are now run inside the check() bash function in the PKGBUILD.

** PKGBUILD Template Tweaks

PKGBUILDs are now more conservative about exporting environment
variable everywhere. Even though I never heard of any problems
caused by this. Now a subshell wraps any exported env. vars.

We also use the check() and package() functions in PKGBUILDs.
These changes shouldn't change the user experience any but I
thought I'd try them out. Overly anal-retentive users should
appreciate it.

** Dependences on Minor Module Versions :BUGFIX:

If one distribution depends on a module that is not the main module,
the versions of the dependency cannot be cross-referenced. This means
there is no way to find which old version of the distribution contains
the old module file. We cannot convert module deps to distribution
deps in this case.

What I have done is discard the version and simply depend on the
package representing the CPAN distribution we need. This is not ideal
but will work in most cases. The fact that ArchLinux is a rolling
release also helps to support the idea that most users have very
recent versions of perl modules installed.

* Release 1.11 [2011-02-04 Fri]

** New Changelog Format

The changelog now uses org-mode. It is much nicer. I rewrote many
of the latest entries for the last few versions and renamed
ChangeLog to the perl-default Changes.

** Template Changes

*** No more || return 1

Since around pacman 3.4, makepkg no longer requires you to use
gratutious "|| return 1's". I suppose makepkg uses set -e now, so
any errors should make makepkg bail out. Anyways these are now
removed from the PKGBUILD template and generated PKGBUILDs.

*** Emacs local variables

Because I am tired of adding them in manually. You will see them
at the end of the PKGBUILD. I forget what the vim equivalent is.

** Perl Version Conversion :BUGFIX:

When some modules depend on perl they use the decimal notation for
the version string (i.e. 5.006001) whereas ArchLinux uses the
dotted-decimal notation for versions (i.e. 5.6.1). Pacman was
confused by the decimal notation so we now convert any explicit
dependencies on perl into dotted-decimal format.

Reported by: Xenoterracide

* Release 1.10 [2010-12-10 Fri]

** Cowardly Reverting

Regress back to not adding dependencies to packages (distributions)
that are included with the version of perl running us.

* Release 1.09 [2010-12-02 Thu]

** lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm

*** dist_pkgname

Fix bug with our own package dependencies. + signs are now allowed
in package names (for Text-Tabs+Wraps aka perl-text-tabs+wraps).

* Release 1.08 [2010-11-30 Tue]

** lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm

*** _extract_makedepends

Extract ExtUtils:: modules into makedepends.

*** _prepare_cfgdeps

Extract 'configure_requires' modules from META.yml into makedepends.

*** dist_pkgname

Adds Cairo and Gtk2-GConf to the package name overrides.

* Release 1.07 [2010-11-23 Tue]

** lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm

*** _translate_cpan_deps

Return perl-test- packages as 'makedepends' unless we are
ourselves a perl-test- package. This updates templates as well.
(_translate_cpan_deps): We also no longer filter out perl core
module requirements. The perl package now gives us a provides list
of included core modules.  (set_pkgrel): Adds new mutator.

*** _prepare_arch

Search for XS files in the CPAN package dir and set the PKGBUILD
arch field to 'i686' 'x86_64' if we find we are building an XS
module. This changes the 'arch' field for templates. Do not
enclose the 'arch' value in quotes! The value of the 'arch'
template variable now comes enclosed in single-quotes.

*** get_pkgbuild

Fix bug where quoted bash special characters were padded with
spaces. Remove exclaimation point (!) quoting for bash's sake,
this wasn't necessary and looks funny.

* Release 1.06 [2010-09-29 Wed]

** Bad libxml name override                                          :BUGFIX:

Remove erronous 'XML::LibXML' to 'libxml-perl' name mapping. There
is a dist named libxml-perl so it doesn't need a mapping to
it. Oops!

*Reported by IsaacG*

** Templates

Change PKGBUILD template to use the absolute path to the system
perl interpreter.

** Yes - stop asking me

Add --noconfirm flag to pacman arguments.

** Update official name overrides

Update name overrides to match changed ArchLinux perl package names
in official repos.

** t/05-custom_template.t                                            :BUGFIX:

Fix bug where the packager was hard-coded in our test output.

*Reported by IsaacG*

* Old Entries

2010-05-28  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.03)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_find_built_pkg): Fix bug where
	source packages were not being found after being built.
	(dist_pkgname): Changed naming rules again.  ALWAYS prefix a
	package name with perl- unless it is "perl".

	Added an override for Perl-Tidy and Perl-Critic so they will still
	convert to 'perl-tidy' and 'perl-critic'.  We may need more
	overrides to match Archlinux packages...

	Fixes a bug with Perl::Version and version both translating to
	perl-version.  Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-05-20  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.02)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (set_tt_module): Add new method.  This
	can also be a class method.

2010-05-18  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.01)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_process_template): [Bugfix] When
	using internal template engine the [%-'s and -%]'s would not be
	recognized.  When I added the -'s I forgot to change the code.
	Reported by IsaacG

2010-05-11  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* RELEASE (1.00): Uploaded to CPAN.

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (dist_pkgname): Changed the mapping of
	CPAN dist names to package names:
	  - Prefix the package name with 'perl-' even if it ends with '-perl'.
	  - The only time to not prefix the package with 'perl-' is if it
	    already starts with 'perl-'.
	  - Special case: the 'perl' dist name maps to the 'perl' package.

2010-05-10  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm: The PKGBUILD template has been
	changed.  We now more eloquently override environment
	variables (i.e. PERL_MM_OPT, PERL_MB_OPT) in order to assure
	their values don't affect our package building.

2010-04-28  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm: Add POST_CHOMP (-%]) tags to PKGBUILD
	template to remove extra whitespace.

2010-04-17  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* script/cpan2aur (update_if_old): Fix bug where we were comparing
	the module version and not the module's package version.

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm: Fix bug where installing packages
	from the AUR runs Module::AutoInstall inside the PKGBUILD.
	Module::AutoInstall installed packages while running _inside_ the
	PKGBUILD.  Maybe all AUR packages created by cpan2aur who used
	Module::Install were broken!  Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-04-13  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): Fix bug where I assumed
	makepkg creates a .pkg.tar.gz.  Nowadays makepkg creates
	.pkg.tar.xz files (but it may still create .pkg.tar.gz if the user
	tells it to in /etc/makepkg.conf... right?)

2010-04-11  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (get_pkgbuild): Fix bug where
	exclaimation marks (!) in pkgdesc are displayed with the leading
	quoting backslash (\).  Turns out quoting exclaimation marks with
	backslashes doesn't work in bash.  We use "..."'!'"..." instead!

2010-04-08  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (get_tt_module): Added new method.

2010-03-22  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_metayml_pkgdesc): Fix bug where the
	abstract description inside the META.yml was left to its default
	entry by a lazy module author.  This caused the pkgdesc to be:
	Module abstract (<= 44 characters) goes here
	Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-03-03  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_prepare_pkgdesc): Fix bug where
	pkgdesc is blank when the .pm/.pod file is in a non-standard
	location.  We now search more places for the files.
	Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-02-21  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_shell_expand): Created helper
	function for reading PKGDEST from /etc/makepkg.conf entries.
	Fixed bug when PKGDEST in makepkg.conf contains environment
	variables or tildes that need shell expansion.
	Reported by Isaac Good
	(_prepare_pkgdesc): Fix bug where META.yml contains double-quoted
	text (not-single quotes) in the pkgdesc.  These double quotes
	would not be removed and show up in the pkgdesc.

2010-02-18  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (get_pkgname): Added method.
	(get_pkgver): Added method.
	(get_pkgrel): Added method.
	(set_pkgrel): Added method.
	(get_pkgvars): Added 'pkgrel' as a new template variable.

2010-02-17  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* script/cpan2aur (confirm_overwrite): Fixed bug where the
	overwrite confirmation prompt answered yes no matter what.
	Reported by Xenoterracide.

2010-02-14  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* 0.17 (RELEASE)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): Added the 'quiet' and
	'verbose' dist options.
	(create): Fixed bug where we chdir to create a package and do not
	chdir back.  Messed up calling programs cwd.

2010-02-03  Justin Davis  <juster@cpan.org>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): We are now verbose by
	default so people don't think we are hanging.

	* script/cpan2aur:  Heavily updated cpan2aur.  We can now create
	templates for AUR packages that need customization.  Then you only
	need to generate a package from the template.  We can also upload
	to the AUR easily from the command line.

2010-01-26  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): Dependencies of modules are
	now installed as implicit packages.
	(_prepare_pkgdesc): Fixed bug where descriptions were "~".

2010-01-08  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.16 (RELEASE)

	* script/cpan2aur: Now we can also create a source package
	directory for tweaking the PKGBUILD and then running makepkg.

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (_translate_xs_deps): Fixed bug
	with detecting XS deps for Module::Build distributions.
	It never seemed to work right anyways, and would sometimes
	cause a fatal error.
	Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-01-07  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (dist_pkgver): Fixed bug where
	underscores in developer releases were not preserved as they
	were supposed to be.
	Reported by Xenoterracide

2010-01-02  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.15 (RELEASE)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): Fixed bug where I broke
	skiptest handling when creating the PKGBUILD.
	(create_pkgbuild): Added optional argument for skipping tests in
	(get_pkgbuild): Same as create_pkgbuild.

2009-12-12  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.14 (RELEASE)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (get_cpandistdir): Fixed bug caused by
	distributions having letters in their filenames.  The extracted
	directory did not have the trailing letter.  Now we use the
	distribution directory name previously stored by CPANPLUS.

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (dist_pkgver): Fixed bug with letters
	in package versions.  Letters are removed because makepkg cannot
	compare versions with letters properly.  Underscores are now only
	allowed at the end of the version; for developer releases.

2009-12-02  Justin Davis  <jrcd83@gmail.com>

	* 0.13 (RELEASE)

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (create): Fixed a bug caused when
	PKGDEST environment variable was used.  Fixed a bug when yaourt is
	trying to run ./Build in a /tmp mounted with the noexec option.
	Thanks to "xenoterracide" for pointing this out on the AUR; which
	led me to the even worse PKGDEST bug.

	* lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Arch.pm (get_pkgpath): Added new method.

	* t/02-build.t: Checks for online connectivity and deletes
	the test package after it is created.

	* ChangeLog: Switched to the emacs style changelog since...
	I use emacs.

Revision history for CPANPLUS-Dist-Arch

0.12    October 29, 2009
        Fixed bugs when searching for XS packages.
        Fixed a regexp bug when escaping bash characters in pkgdesc.
        Changed the automatic perl dependency to not have a version.

0.11    June 9, 2009
        I added List::MoreUtils in the last release, thought it was a
        core module, and forgot to add it to the Build.PL.  So I just
        removed use of "uniq" now.

0.10    May 28, 2009
        Fixed trivial bug with Maintainer in PKGBUILD having a newline.

0.09    May 27, 2009
        Added many package name overrides from the Arch website.
        Removed use of Readonly, now we only need core modules.
        Now searches for non-perl dependencies as well! (ie for XS modules)
        Tweaked PKGBUILD again.

0.08    May 11, 2009
        Added a public method interface to the CPANPLUS::Dist::Arch class.
        Added example script "cpanpkgbuild.pl" and binary script "cpan2aur".
        Changed PKGBUILD template slightly as suggested by smb.

        (I accidentally used the Makefile.PL for this version instead
         of Build.PL!  So META.yml got screwed up.  I also forgot to
         update this file.)

0.07    April 12, 2009
        Fixed the typo bug in last version.  Added a build test so I'll catch this faster.
        Now searches the main module's .pm and .pod files for the pkgdesc as well,
        using Pod::Select.
        Now running as root will work, also useful for nested fakeroot environments...

0.06    April 05, 2009
        Added the setupdistarch script to easily enable/disable CPANPLUS packaging.
        I broke this version with a typo!  Luckily no one suspects anything.

0.05    March 23, 2009
        Inserted missing /CPAN/ text for the PKGBUILD's srcurl variable,
        Added tests for _translate_name & _translate_version.

0.04    March 22, 2009
        Fixed CPAN version numbers which don't conform to Archlinux standards.
        Stopped using the version module for prefixing everything with v, why!!
        Fixed typos, some inefficient code, etc...

0.03    March 21, 2009
        Included missing file Arch.pod in MANIFEST.
        Fixed some typos in README and Arch.pod.

0.02    March 21, 2009
        Fixed some bugs, separated docs to pod file.

0.01    March 20, 2009
        First version, uploaded to CPAN.