2304	2009-10-08	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Initial release to world.

2307	2009-10-08	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Tweaks to do correct release to CPAN

2534	2010-01-26	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Updates by Vivek Khera (vivek@khera.org)
	  - Remove comment stripping of HTML passed through the Inliner

2536	2010-04-26	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Suggested update by Vivek Khera (vivek@khera.org)
	  - adjust TreeParser to override skippable end tags
	* Adjust TreeParser to allow html comments to persist through

2540	2010-04-27	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Include a number of updates as suggested by Michael Peters <mpeters@plusthree.com>
	  - do not skip over style blocks with undefined media types
	  - add feature to take previously defined HTML::TreeParser so
            users can modify the parameters the TreeParser has
	  - skip css psuedo attributes that cannot be inlined

2544	2010-04-27	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
        * Update the regex for skipping over non-inlineable psuedo attributes
        * In addition to skipping psuedo attributes, skip over @, like @import

2669	2010-08-19	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Include a number of contributions from Michael Peters <mpeters@plusthree.com>
          - do not die if there is no style container within passed document
          - do not die if comments are encountered within <style> blocks
          - contribution of tests to ensure described functionality matches up
          - respect order of CSS rules for better style cascade
        * Added option to selectively strip out class and id attributes via constructor param
        * Added automatic collapsing of overridden attributes, assisted by Vivek Khera <vivek@khera.org>
        * Restructured parts of code and added some get methods to ease future testing
        * Adjusted some variable names to be more correct

2852	2010-10-27	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Manifest updated to represent all project files
	* Rework module hierarchy, adjust all project files to match
	* Include contributions from Michael Peters <mpeters@plusthree.com>
	  - Add support for specificity calculations
	  - Add support for style application that closely approximates what a browser does
	  - Included tests to validate above behaviour
	* Added extensive tests added to validate described cascade behaviour
	  - Fixed all discovered and known bugs
        * Include contribution from David Stevenson <david@ytfc.com>
	  - allow for proper parsing of background urls, previously broken
	  - include test for validating fix
	* Update CSS storage module to CSS::Simple
	* Add code to fetch remote stylesheets
	* Include contribution from Vivek Khera <vivek@khera.org>
	  - Add support for adusting all relative references to absolute reference
	* Add test to remotely fetch an entire document
	* Simplify some recursive methods
	* Allow parsing of multiple stylesheets - stacking functionality from CSS::Simple
	  seems to allow this feature to just work

3042	2011-03-10	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add new flag to "leave_style" blocks while reading and parsing the stylesheets
	* Include contributions from Michael Stevens (michael.stevens@dianomi.com)
	 - Fix podchecker complaints on Inliner.pm
	 - Add a .gitignore for perl module cruft.
	 - Add pod tests
	* Path fixes from contributor Michael Stevens
	 - Beef up error reporting so you can tell which files are missing
	 - Resolve dumb problem with tests whereby if a username had "t" in it the test failed

3213	2011-05-16		Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add new flag "warns_as_errors" which converts content warnings to errors if set
	* Add public method content_warnings to return content warnings to end user
	* Add getter/setter autogenerator for private data members
	* Add method _report_warning through which content warnings are aggregated or thrown 
	* Add test linebreaktest.t to test for proper handling of linebreaks within inline styles

3219	2011-05-18	Vivek Khera <vivek@mailermailer.com>
	* MANIFEST was missing some entries
	* Makefile.PL dependency on CSS::Simple updated, ensure README is included in dist file

3275	2011-06-19	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Include post_fetch_filter constructor parameter. Allows users to protect mailmerge tags
	* Include example for new feature under t/fetch-filter.t
	* Update MANIFEST with example

3283	2011-06-23	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Include test contribution from Ron Straight (quinnfazigu@gmail.org)
	  - replace regex for test directory with proper mechanism for determining path
	* Alter the user-agent used for remote fetching
	  - follow "curl" recommendation to use Mozilla/4.0 for maximim compatability

3286	2011-06-30	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Replace CSS::Simple CPAN module with a new CSS encapsulation module specific for inlining.
	  - CSS::Inliner::Parser drops the Tie::IxHash in favor of a an array of hashes which
	    lends itself very nicely to rules that are repeated - something that the previous version
	    of the module could not handle properly due to the data structure.
	  - Create tests through which to test out CSS::Inliner::Parser
	  - Update MANIFEST with new module and associated tests
	* Update Inliner code to utilize new Parser submodule
	  - Add test "basic-redeclare" to ensure that the repeated rule bug is solved

3295	2011-07-08	Vick Khera <vivek@mailermailer.com>
	* Makefile.PL remove dependency on CSS::Simple missed in prior

3362	2011-09-22	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Fix a typo in the inlined warning array
	* Attempt to resolve agent fetching issue
	  - Update agent to prefix "Mozilla/4.0" to work with older cgis

3385	2011-10-13	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Fix up Makefile to include dependency for TreeBuilder version 4.2
	* Update copyright in Inliner.pm

3471	2011-12-14	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Attempt to resolve agent fetching issue
	  - Update agent to be solely string "Mozilla/4.0"

3671	2012-03-09	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add in support for character encodings for content to be inlined
	  - fixes bugs whereby foreign content types (utf8) produced bad inlined documents
	* Fix errors in output of some test files

3674	2012-03-12	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Skip processing of link tags without an href, no reason to process them

3901	2013-07-27	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Remove "post_fetch_filter", I know of nobody using this feature and I personally do not need it anymore
	* Added patch from Sebastian Paaske Torholm <spt@jobindex.dk>
		- Update psuedo class support to reject rules without leading content before :psuedo
		- Update psuedo class support to allow :first-child and :last-child to propogate to HTML::Query
	* Update documentation where appropriate
	* Transition versioning to a new model

3913	2013-10-01	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Accept pull request from Vivek Khera (http://github.com/khera)
		- Resolve issue whereby html comments were lost
		- Resolve issue whereby url() references within local <style> css were not absolutized
		- Add test for url() fix
	* Add explicit test to confirm that pull request patch does in fact retain comments
	* Fix versioning issues

3932	2013-12-02	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Introduce CSS::Inliner::TreeBuilder, subclass of HTML::TreeBuilder
		- enables "relaxed" parsing through unconventional implicit_tag disabling
	* Introduce "relaxed" mode flag
		- allows parsing of non-standards compliant documents
		- allows parsing of HTML5 documents
		- add tests to ensure described functionality matches up
	* Add new _validate_html method, which will add warnings to the report representing gross document problems
	* Add support for media queries, this is automatic and requires no flags
	* Address issues with indentation of outputted code
		- NOTE: indentation within relaxed mode does not work as expected, limited by underlying libraries
	* Address concerns raised by CPAN RT84513
		- ensure that both relaxed and standard parsing always allow link tags within html
	* Update POD within Inliner.pm such that it generates more consistent documentation for CPAN/GitHub
	* Manifest updated to represent all project files
	* Fix some silly issues within tests that hadn't been noticed before	

3933	2013-12-02	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Fix formatting of Changelog
	* Tick up the HTML::TreeBuilder version to 5.03 - 4.2 apparently no longer exists?

3934	2013-12-17	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Work around pod bug that was causing some problems for users
	* Fix issue whereby <link> references that were not inlined weren't generating a content warning 

3935	2013-12-19	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Fix problem with stylesheet fingerprint in link tags - regex was not correct
	* Fix issue whereby I used modern perl // (defined test) doesn't work in perl 5.8.9

3936	2013-01-13	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Fix issue whereby malformed @media rules could cause an infinite loop within the Parser
	* Attempt to fix issue whereby moder perl // defined test still not working perl
	* Attempt to fix issue whereby Makefile will not properly generate the latest README file

3944	2013-03-24	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add generalized at-rule support to CSS::Inliner::Parser, @media support is reimplemented
	* Provide granularity for retrieving rules by rule name, exa qualified, @import, @media, etc
	* Attempt to improve whitespace handling when printing out a stylesheet from CSS::Inliner::Parser
        * Abandon using tabs in written out css, update tests to reflect the change
	* Add support for including at-rule when printing out a stylesheet from CSS::Inliner::Parser
        * Add tests for ensuring that at-rule are working
	* Fix up code style whitespace issues, add associated tests for checking it

3945	2013-04-25	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Updated embedded test, which references a remote uri that was no longer accessible

3948	2014-09-02	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Updated handling of pseudo-classes
		- correct issue raised in CPAN RT96413, errors incorrectly bubbling from HTML::Query
		- update regex to properly target all unsupported pseudo-selectors
		- update regex to skip over CSS3 style pseudo-selectors as well as CSS2
		- update tests to properly exercise associated changes
	* Rename test psuedo.t to pseudo.t (spelling)
	* Bump up HTML::Query requirement to 0.09

3957	2015-05-15	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add support for an argument to the Inliner constructor to override the default set of entities
		- resolve feature request raised in CPAN RT100857
		- add test to validate basic behavior
	* Fix issues within pod documentation
	* Added patch provided by sixtease@cpan.org within CPAN RT99934
		- Resolves improper !important rule handling
		- Adds test for validating proper !important rule handling
	* Update copyright to 2015 throughout project

3958	2015-05-29	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Add support for an agent string argument for the remote fetching of documents
        * Add patch provided by Dave Gray (cpan@doesntsuck.com)
		- Adds proper headers for remote fetching of files
	* Fix issues within pod documentation

4002	2015-11-23	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Update POD within Inliner.pm such that it generates more consistent documentation for CPAN/GitHub
	* Set URI flag allowing urls containing leading dots to be handled correctly
	* Extend support for foreign character sets
		- implement charset detection algorithm, roughly based off of HTML5 W3C specification
		- implement character encoding/decoding based upon detected charset
		- implement fallback mode for when no charset is detected, leverage Encoding::FixLatin if available
		- add tests for exercising new charset related features
		- update documentation regarding new methods to support foreign charsets
	* Add reference to contributor Dave Gray (cpan@doesntsuck.com) to contributors section
	* Add reference to contributor Chelsea Rio (chelseario@gmail.com) to contributors section
	* Add new TreeBuilder configuration method, which ensures all instances are configured identically
	* Remove all entity handling intentionally or unintentionally done, retain original state of all read chars
		- Modify configuration of all TreeBuilder instances, remove all entity decoding done during parsing
		- Modify configuration of TreeBuilder output, skip calls for entity encoding
		- strip all documentation and argument handling related to entity encoding
		- All entity encoding is now the responsibility of the caller
	* Update MANIFEST to reference all added tests/assets
	* Fix minor formatting issues within some tests/assets
        * Address concerns raised by CPAN RT96414, conditionally test for connectivity instead of outright failing

4003	2015-12-16	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@mailermailer.com>
	* Resolve charset sniffing issue
		- invalid charset present within the document would cause charset sniffing to end prematurely
		- invalid charset present within the document would cause Inliner to die during the decode phase
	* Resolve issue whereby a TreeBuilder instance was not configured as expected

4008	2017-07-16	Kevin Kamel <kamelkev@underprint.com>
	* Update description indicating that development is currently suspended due to the MailerMailer LLC sale
	* Apply patch from Nigel Metheringham which silences warnings under Perl 5.26
	* Apply patch from Father Chrysostomos which avoids install issues with Perl 5.10