Revision history for Perl extension CSS::Squish.

0.08  Mon Apr 20 2009
    * module doesn't work on perl 5.6.x and older
    * update docs

0.07  Fri Nov 9 2007
    * add back _resolve_file which has been deprecated, to make the module
      backward compatible for users of that method

0.06  Tue Nov 4 2007


      Multiple roots are treated in a different way, read more in the doc.

    * Make things more extendable

    * Docs updates

    * The follwoing bugs are fixed:

      Only direct @import loops (i.e. where a file imports itself) are checked
      and skipped.  It's easy enough to get this module in a loop.  Don't do it.

      As of now, server-relative URLs (instead of file-relative URLs) will not work

0.05  Tue Jul 4 2006


      CSS::Squish now searches the user-specified roots _before_ searching
      relative to the importing file.  This seems to make more sense in
      general and allows overriding the default behaviour more easily.

      For users not using the multiple roots functionality, behaviour has
      not changed.

0.02  Wed Jun 7 2006

    * Fixed POD and added another bug note

0.01  Wed Jun 7 2006