$Id: Changes,v 1.10 2008/04/15 09:46:23 pmh Exp $

2008-04-15 0.11
  Doc fix:
    Add 0.10's changes to this list :-)

2008-04-15 0.11
  Bug fix:
    Fix the perl version check to something which doesn't complain with 5.10

2005-11-15 0.09
  Bug fix:
    Unlock the file before mmap(), as mandated by the spec
    Return useful values from XS
  Thanks to Janardhan Molumuri <mjanardhan@gmail.com>
    for being bitten by this, and for assistance in fixing it
  Minor documentation improvements

2004-03-15 0.081
  Fix bug in t/03corrupt.t in the face of UTF8 locales
  Escape non-printable characters in cmmtest

2003-10-30 0.08
  Add CMM_keep_expired and CMM_keep_expired_refresh flags to enable temporary
      underlying data availability problems to be dealt with nicely
  Thanks to Jeffrey Friedl <jfriedl@yahoo.com>
    for the idea and initial implementation
  Document quick_clear()
  Commit all of the 0.07 changes to CVS (whoops, nearly lost them!)

2003-06-17 0.07
  Fix test which got broken at the last minute before 0.06's release

2003-06-17 0.06
  Deal with utf8 properly (and add t/04utf8.t)
    This changes the file format, so added format version number to file header
  Existing files which aren't cache files are not overwritten

2003-06-13 0.05_1
  Add a check for super-sized entries (those which extend past the bucket end)
  Make zero-sized check message include cache filename and key
  Add t/03corrupt.t to check that the corruption checks are working

2002-08-28 0.05
  Add the entries() method, suggested by Marc Kelly <marc@vendusia.com>
    Actually, he wanted get_keys(), but this does more than that
  Remove the CDROM exception in the license
    The module is now completely Free, as in speech
  Remove a warning from the compilation stage
  Remove a potential warning in new()

2001-12-31 0.04
  Fixed another serious bug in write(), which was introduced in the previous fix
  Move file locking into XS, so we don't need to know struct flock's layout
  Remove dependency on Mmap.pm by doing that in XS, too
    This means that it will compile on 5.6.0 without too many hassles
  Added a test suite (well, one file so far)
    This is how the new write() bug was caught. Yay, tests!

2001-12-28 0.03
  Fixed serious bug in write(), which corrupted the cache file when replacing
    an already existing entry
    Thanks to Rob Mueller for the test case
2001-06-07 0.02
  Fixed serious bug in read(), which didn't update the current bucket content
    size when expiring entries. This caused infinite loops in _find() and
    _insert(), which have also been fixed, should anything else ever go wrong
    in a similar way

2000-09-18 0.01, First release
  Only lock file header in _lock(0), rather than whole file
  Factor out code from read() and write() into _insert()
  Only delete clean items from underlying data in delete()
  Add documentation, including README

2000-08-25 0.00_05
  Mostly finish write()
  Fix bug where 'use integer' interfered with safe bucketsize calculation

2000-07-13 0.00_04
  Write pushed out items to underlying data when new items read in
    This caused the file format to change
  Add delete()
  Start work on write()

2000-07-13 0.00_03
  Actually mmap the cache file!
  Attempt to write newly cached items (causing hangups)

2000-07-12 0.00_02
  Start work on read()
  Add accessor methods for config options

2000-07-12 0.00_01
  Actually add some code (new, _set_options, _lock, _unlock)