Revision history for Carp-Parse

1.0.7   11/15/2012
        Requring Perl 5.10, because I use the // operator.
1.0.6   10/24/2012
        Things blow up if it can't find the line number; added a default of ''.

1.0.5   10/24/2012
        Fixed an uninitialized value error when the line number is not available.

1.0.4   10/10/2012
        Fixed dependency list.
		Cleanup of build issues when moving to github.

1.0.3   09/26/2012
        Moved code to github.
		Changed license to GPL_3.

1.0.2   03/07/2012
        Fixed quote parsing for older versions of Carp.
        Added better handling of misquoted argument strings.
        Added test cases.

1.0.1   02/28/2012
        Upgraded Module::Build for consistency with co-author.

1.0.0   02/28/2012
        First public release.