Revision history for Carp-Parse-Redact

v1.1.5  10/10/2012
        Fixed dependencies.
		Cleanup of build issues.

v1.1.4  09/28/2012
        * Improved indentation for better readability (Thanks, G$!)
		* Include referenced LICENSE file I forgot to git add.

v1.1.3  09/26/2012
        * Moved to github
        * Upgraded license to GPL_3

v1.1.2  09/17/2012
        * Fixed issue with trying to redact undefined arguments.

v1.1.1  05/30/2012
        * Fixed formatting for function calls with only one argument.

v1.1.0  03/30/2012
        * Added feature to redact using regexes.

v1.0.1  02/28/2012
        * Syncing up CPAN::Meta::Converter versions with coauthor.

v1.0.0  02/28/2012
        * First public release.