Revision history for Carp-REPL

0.18    Fri  5 Jun 2015 19:57:52 PDT
        * Fix tests that started failing since Test::Expect 0.32 (Gianni
          Ceccarelli, RT#103414)

0.17    Fri Nov 21 10:18:19 PST 2014
        * Fix compatibility with Devel::StackTrace 2.00, thanks to DAKKAR.
          The incompat manifested as lots of test failures about refs.  Fixes
          [ #100314].

0.16    Tue May 28 15:10:26 PDT 2013
        * Fix hash ordering dependence in test (ilmari)
        * don't return stack frames inside Carp (DOY)

0.15    Mon Apr 5 15:24:24 2010
        Fix tests to use the right Perl (jjore)
        Shebang for Makefile.PL (jjore)
        fix the 'repl' can't be exported bug (sunnavy)
        Use Sub::Exporter since it's irrevocably in our dep tree
            anyway (sunnavy)
        Silence warning about v-string (doy)
        Documentation fixes (Sartak)
        Passing in an explicit undef to repl will silence the
            stacktrace (Sartak)

0.14    Mon Feb 9 17:21:13 2009
        Devel::REPL no longer depends on Lexical::Persistence, so we must

0.13    Tue Aug 12 06:50:18 2008
        perl -MCarp::REPL=test t/foo.t give you a REPL on each failing test!
        Fix longstanding "not nested deeply enough" bug
            Caused by not skipping over "eval" frames, which PadWalker does
        Move a lot of code into a new dist, Devel::StackTrace::WithLexicals
        Remove excess newlines in :l code listings
        :top and :bottom stack traversal commands

0.12    Fri May 16 11:17:55 2008
        :l(ist) command for printing source code
        Rename Devel::REPL::Plugin::LexEnvCarp to
        Allow importing of the 'repl' procedure
        Internal cleanup

0.11    Thu Sep 20 21:43:56 2007
        Devel::REPL configuration is now applied

0.10    Tue Sep 11 20:07:10 2007
        :e command to display the current environment

0.09    Thu Jul 12 12:32:12 2007
        Move to Module::Install

0.08    Wed Jul 11 16:56:08 2007
        Add 'nodie' and 'warn' arguments

0.07    Tue Jul 10 22:34:55 2007
        Made sub arguments available in $_a

0.06    Sat Jul  7 13:43:14 EDT 2007
        Proper aliasing support
        Cleaned up the internals

0.05    Fri Jul  6 18:47:33 EDT 2007
        :bt command to redisplay the backtrace
        REPL now has History plugin loaded
        Various bug fixes
        :q command

0.04    Fri Jul  6 14:57:33 EDT 2007
        Fix annoying global variable issue.
        But now REPL doesn't have use strict 'vars'.
        Will be fixed as soon as my Devel::EvalContext patch is applied.

0.03    Fri Jul  6 14:17:46 EDT 2007
        Add ability to move up and down the stack (:u and :d).
        Moose startup penalty now only paid if you get a REPL.

0.02    Fri Jul  6 01:04:33 EDT 2007
        Add the somewhat bloaty dependencies to Makefile.PL.

0.01    Fri Jul  6 00:35:37 EDT 2007
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.