# This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::ActionRole::MethodSignatureDependencyInjection.

0.020 - 2015-09-29
  - Fix for incorrect version in prior release

0.019 - 2015-09-27
  - Fixed failing test cases on older versions of Perl

0.018 - 2015-09-25
  - Properly derefence body and query paramters into a hash and not an array

0.017 - 2015-09-24
  - Even more careful use of the stash to hold temporary information

0.016 - 2015-09-24
  - More aggressively remove any temporary stash keys generated while matching
    a signature.  Caused trouble with some views that looked at the stash.

0.015 - 2015-08-27
  - Added special variables $env (for PSGI $env), $state (for $c->state) as
    well as a few more aliases for things like request and parameters.
  - Required declaration now properly checks that a value is defined, and not
    just true or false.

0.014 - 2015-06-14
  - Shortcut to get the current view or model in the declaration, for example
    "sub myaction(View $v, Model $m) { .. }".

0.013 - 2015-06-11
  - Lots of little parser improvements to handle more edge cases, particularly
    with parameterized models.

0.012 - 2015-06-03
  - More strict checking of your injected components to make sure they
    are an already defined component.
  - Tweaked some regexp to make sure we more carefully extract a component
    name from the signature.

0.011 - 2015-06-03
  - Dependency injection rules are now precompiled and stored.  This
    should result in some minor runtime efficiency.
  - You now need to declare injected component as 'required' if you
    want to resolve them during match/ match_captures.  This is because
    context is not complete at match/match_captures phase and if you have
    a model that ACCEPT_CONTEXT you may wish to defer injection until
    execute phase when it is complete.  Its also I think less surprising

0.010 - 2015-05-30
  - Better errors when you make a bad signature.
  - moved Catalyst::ActionSignatures out to its own distribution

0.009 - 2015-05-29
  - Support for quoted attributes (Chained('ddd')).

0.008 - 2015-05-29
  - Added support for chained actions
  - Ability to infer Args and CaptureArgs from declared method
    signature (when using Catalyst::ActionSignature).
  - Declare type constraints on args and captureargs.
  - Implicitly use CaptureArgs(0) in chained actions when no
    Args or Captures is declared.
  - Lots of small documentation inprovements.

0.007 - 2015-05-28
  - New support for signatures via Catalyst::ActionSignatures.
  - You must now declare $c if you need it (this is a breaking change
    from earlier releases.  I promise I won't do this again.

0.006 - 2015-05-18
  - Added missing test dependency

0.005 - 2015-05-07
  - Experimental support for Function::Parameters

0.004 - 2015-05-06
  - added the subroutine attribute approach for people that fear
    the prototype approach.
  - some code refactoring and tests so that we move toward something
    I can imagine as stable.

0.003 - 2015-05-03
  - fixed a problem where we don't play nice with other
  - make it so you alwasy get '$c' since this I think is rather

0.002 - 2015-05-01
  - Fixed missing readme

0.001 - 2015-05-01
  - First Release