Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::ActionRole::QueryParameter

0.09    22 May 2017
        - Allow 'arg=' to mean the same as '?arg'

0.08    29 September 2015
        - Let a parameter be optional: "QueryParameter(?page:Int)"
        - Let a parameter define a default "QueryParameter(page=1:Int)"

0.07    20 November 2015
        - Fixes from reported issues (contributors++)
        - Migration to Dist::Zilla
        - Conditions may now be Moose / Type::Tiny Types
        - All constraints are now preloaded.
        - Better check for numeric constraints.  We now use Scalar::Util::looks_like_number
          to make sure the value is a valid number for numeric comparisons.  This is a
          possible breaking change if you relied on numeric comparisons for non numeric
        - Improved tests

0.06    05 May 2015
        - Fixed a bug that might cause us to mess up captures when applied to an
        action that was in the middle of a chain (and had captures).

0.05    27 April 2015
        - match_captures is now always defined in Catalyst::Action so we changed
        the role to not overwrite it.
        - Catalyst supports ActionRoles natively in a controller for a long time
        so updated the Minimun Catalyst version and removed previous code.
0.04    19 December 2011
        - support match_captures from newer version of catalyst.

0.03    17 May 2011
        - More documentation tweaks
        - support =~ as a match operator.

0.02    16 May 2011
        - Fixed broken matching on alphabetic values in query params and a bit
          of documentation enhancements.

0.01    15 May 2011
        - original version.