Revision history for Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::OpenID

0.19 Wed Oct 10 17:53:00 BST 2012
      - Drop Catalyst::Engine::HTTP dependency. RT#70417

0.18 Sat Aug 18 16:19:00 BST 2012
      - Fix RT#79072, fixing dist Makefile.PL

0.17 Sun Jul 15 21:03:00 BST 2012
      - Fix Makefile.PL, release dev release.

0.16_02 Fri Oct 15 18:54:24 PDT 2010
      - Experimental, undocumented flatten_extensions_into_user added
        which flattens the namespaced key vals from extensions into
        the user object.

0.16_01 Tue Apr  6 19:50:55 PDT 2010
      - extension_args are no longer honored as deprecated synonym for
      - extensions is now a hash ref which facilitates multiple
        extensions being allowed; suggested by TREVELYAN.
      - trust_root URI suggested by EVDB.

0.16  Tue Oct 13 07:39:18 PDT 2009
      - Quick fix to dependencies and Pod to get CPAN testers passing.

0.15  Mon Oct 12 18:18:21 PDT 2009
      - Patches from Zbigniew Lukasiak to correct inappropriate configuration settings applied.
      - Spelling fixes, argument clarification in Pod.

0.14_05 Sat Sep 26 16:17:15 PDT 2009
      - Moving live-app.t back to on demand and only if everything is
        there to even try.
0.14_04 Fri Sep  4 15:00:09 PDT 2009
      - Just making the live-app.t run for all installs to see if the
        testers pick up any problems with it.

0.14_03 Sun Aug 23 21:13:33 PDT 2009
      - Made errors non-fatal to match behavior of other credentials.
        Provided legacy setting for those who still prefer it.
      - Note that tickets #46916 and #45006 were fixed a couple
        releases back.

0.14_02 Sun Aug 23 17:43:46 PDT 2009
      - Fixed #48952.

0.14_01 Thu Aug 20 21:30:32 PDT 2009
      - I had an old Test::Pod that didn't catch unsupported L<>
        usage; CPAN testers found it.
      - Changed use of LWPx::PA when a ua_class isn't set to test for
        its successful eval and to use LWP::UserAgent on failure.
      - Rearranged the extensions and extension_args so there is no
        duplication necessary in the config.

0.14  Tue Aug 18 22:37:51 PDT 2009
      - Split live tests into two test apps to avoid the need to fork
        to have a self-answering server; crudely done, it's the same
        exact code as before doubled for now.
      - Took LWPx::ParanoidAgent out of tests. It's been too long
        since it's been broken by the LWP debug deprecation.

0.13  Mon Dec  1 19:42:31 PST 2008
      - s/Meno/Menno/ and version fix in the Pod are the only changes. Sigh.

0.12  Mon Dec  1 19:28:02 PST 2008
      - Everything is finally passing tests so I put most of the
        previous versions on the backpan because they're nearly
        identical except for Makefile changes.
      - Applied code from Menno Blom to allow simple registration
        to work. Considered experimental for now, I think. Not because
        it won't stay but because it might not work as expected.
      - Bumped reqs on OpenID family to support 2.0 features.

0.11  Sun Oct  5 00:41:37 PDT 2008
      - Added LWPx paranoid to build_requires.
      - Put some experimental mdash entities into the Pod.

0.10  Thu Oct  2 19:13:42 PDT 2008
      - Just twiddled the requirements calls in the Makefile. I can't
        figure out why testers are failing it for prereqs it *is*
        listing. Someone recently mentioned this same problem on
        use.perl so I'm giving this a shot.
      - Spelling fix in Pod.
      - Updated tests and test server script too.

0.09  Mon Sep 29 18:29:59 PDT 2008
      - Bug patch for boneheaded return v detach bug given by M. Blom.

0.08  Sat Jul  5 13:13:14 PDT 2008
      - Again, only change is to Makefile.PL reqs.

0.07  Thu Jul  3 21:26:12 PDT 2008
      - Only changes are to Makefile for prereqs. The failures on CPAN
        testers are really weird. I think I misunderstood
        build_requires() in ModInst.

0.06  Thu Jul  3 17:20:39 PDT 2008
      - All CPAN reports for 0.05 are failing. Added Catalyst::Devel and
        Catalyst to prereqs. It was just Catalyst::Runtime before.
      - Also changed around Test App storage a bit to avoid permission
        errors on tmp cache file from different user runs.

0.05  Wed Jul  2 20:17:21 PDT 2008
      - Removed UNIVERSAL::require to shrink prereqs and protect
      - Turned on test app tests. I want to know if it's failing for
      - Swapped LWPx::ParanoidAgent for LWP::UA in the test.

0.04  Thu Jun 19 23:20:00 PDT 2008
      - Fixed some of the .conf example. Sigh.
      - Other minor Pod tweaks.

0.03  Thu Jun 19 20:48:04 PDT 2008
      - Updated config information with Config::General examples.
      - Cleaned up TestApp a little.
      - Swapped some code order around to make Perl::Critic my friend.
      - Extended SEE ALSO.
      - Updated Makefile a bit.

0.02  Tue Apr  8 22:18:22 PDT 2008
      - Changed "use base" to "use parent."
      - Moved SVN to Catalyst dev box.
      - Took out left over toss copy of earlier Credential module.
      - Took out weird closure over secret; not just sets it plainly.
      - Put config stuff in POD a bit differently and added info on consumer_secret.
      - POD tweaks.

0.01  Sat Apr  5 21:35:25 PDT 2008
      - Initial release.