Release history for Catalyst-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd

1.005     2017-06-23 18:04:28Z
    - modernized the tooling, for 5.26 compatibility and to remove pod,
      kwalitee tests from the user-facing test suite

1.004     2016-05-11 12:49:02Z
    - Fix pod error for Hyperlinks
    - Fix pod nit from RT#51733

1.003     2008-10-04 22:17:30Z
    - Typo in Makefile.PL makes the .tgz unpack to
      improperly, RT#39817

1.002     2008-10-02 09:20:30Z
    - Add Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst and Test::use::ok
      to build_requires. CPANTs will keep hitting me until 
      I get it right :(
    - Add code and docs for user_field configuration option
    - Add code and docs for user_class configuration option

1.001     2008-09-29 18:56:30Z
    - Remove Tangram from test application models so that tests
      pass for other people. FAIL.

1.000     2008-09-28 16:58:30Z
    - Change from Module::Build to Module::Install
    - Update to the new authentication framework.
    - Bump revision number due to moving to new repository layout.

0.02      2006-02-07 23:18:17Z
    - work properly again with roles
    - fix condition where $user is false and still gets a method call on it
    - embarracing doc typos copy pasted by Yuval were fixed too ;-)

0.011     2005-11-27 21:18:21Z
    - doh, add Authen::Htpasswd to requirements

0.01      2005-11-27 20:53:50Z
    - initial release