Revision history for Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API: 2.007002

2.007002  2018-08-02 21:55:55+02:00 Europe/Vienna
  - Remove the debug logging which shouldn't have been in the previous release

2.007001  2018-08-02 21:12:33+02:00 Europe/Vienna
  - Improve data_root & item_root documentation
  - Fix grouped_by request argument documentation
  - Don't overwrite already set response data when return_object is enabled
  - Use JSON::MaybeXS for improved performance

2.006002  2014-08-26 12:31:27+02:00 Europe/Vienna
 - Fix missing Data::Printer test requirement

2.006001  2014-08-25 18:27:26+02:00 Europe/Vienna
 - Fix links to ::Request::Context
 - Add support for the -and, -not and -or operators (RT93864)

2.005001  2014-01-13 21:43:59+01:00 Europe/Vienna
 - Fixed test failures with JSON 2.90 (RT#90188, thanks Samuel Kaufman!)
 - Fixed generate_rs to set model to contents of stash->{class} if present
   (thanks Alex Howarth)
 - Use Catalyst's http method matching for REST instead of
   ActionRole, whose feature went into core in 5.90013, and
   MatchRequestMethod, whose feature went into 5.90020
 - Documentation improvements

2.004004 2012-11-21T12:20:41Z Europe/Vienna
 - Fixed test failures in t/[rest,rpc]/item.t on newer HTTP::Message
 - Don't wrap the SQLite test schema DDL queries in a transaction to
   suppress DBIx::Class warnings
 - Added diagnostic messages to tests that trigger DBIx::Class warnings

2.004003 2011-12-19T14:41:59Z Europe/Vienna
 - Fixed test failure in generic.t with Moose > 2.02

2.004002 2011-10-24T15:48:55Z Europe/Vienna
 - Use the column accessor instead of set_column when inserting new objects
 - Allow setting the result_class to undef to prevent the usage of

2.004001 2011-08-19T16:17:53Z Europe/Vienna
 - Changed stored_model and stored_result_source attributes to methods for
   ACCEPT_CONTEXT/Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext compatibility

2.003002 2011-05-09T12:30:01Z Europe/Vienna
 - Added has_errors method
 - Fixed tests to succeed with newer DBIx::Class and Moose versions
 - Fixed controller instantiation failures with Moose 2 in relation to

2.003001 2011-02-16T17:52:37Z Europe/Vienna
 - Use JSON instead of JSON::Any to get rid of the CPAN Testers failures
   when only JSON::Syck is available

2.002004 2011-01-13T19:22:20Z Europe/Vienna
 - Renamed Visitor to Validator::Visitor to conform with
   Data::DPath::Validator and moved it into a separate file
 - Fixed failure because of Data::DPath >=0.41 by not using
   MooseX::Role::BuildInstanceOf for the validator attributes (RT#64673)
 - Added result_class and stash_key attributes to enable their
   configuration in the controller (RT#63686)

2.002003 2010-09-16T10:44:40Z Europe/Vienna
 - Added REST and RPC delete_bulk tests
 - Fixed RPC delete_bulk not working at all
 - Added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
 - Removed useless RPC index action
 - Fixed static configured page attribute not being used (RT#56226)
 - Test use_json_boolean true
 - Fixed search attribute generation for nonexistent relationships
 - Remove trailing newlines from error messages

2.002002 2010-08-03T14:40:50Z Europe/Vienna
 - Fixed search for related columns overwriting existing params in
 - Use column accessor for updating an existing object instead of passing
   the new values to update. This enables the column accessors to do
   additional work (for example with method modifiers).
 - Fixed t/rpc/list.t error message regex to pass with Moose version >=1.05
 - Fixed pod coverage and added a test for it

2.002001 2010-04-01T01:41:11Z Europe/Berlin
 - Remove debugging code and other noise from tests
 - Fixed some typos and code cleanups
 - Added possibility to fetch a single object by id using 'item'
 - Added item_root attribute which defaults to 'data' and is used as data
   root for 'item'
 - Break out bulk actions into their own methods for RPC
 - Restore identifer vs. no identifer for REST chains
 - Chain dispatching has now been fixed to not be as hackish as before
 - Shift around where the current resultset is set, setup() now does
   /nothing/ by default other than be a chain anchor
 - Tests added for updating related keys via REST
 - generate_rs is now used to get the default resultset inside
 - No longer uses Catalyst::Action::REST to do dispatching instead uses
   ActionRole and MatchRequestMethod

2.001003 2010-02-12T19:01:56Z America/Chicago
 - Fill out some coercions to allow more complex search criteria (like sort
 - Promote the helper functions into full methods
 - Allow iterative customization by breaking down the save_objects into
   several discrete steps
 - Make sure those steps also include $c

2.001002 2010-02-09T01:01:57Z America/Chicago
 - Fixed missing requirement for MooseX::Types::Structured
 - Fixed MooseX::Aliases usage (we don't any more)
 - Object inflation during end was broken out into its own method:
 - Enable offset based paging

2.001001 2010-02-07
 - Merge create and update into update_or_create
 - object is much advanced now, identifier can be omitted and data_root in
   the request is interpreted
 - Because of the above one object or several is now possible for update or
 - Create and update object validation now happens iteratively
 - Creates and updates can be mixed inside a single bulk request
 - All modifying actions on the database occur within an all-or-nothing
 - Much of the DBIC search parameter munging is properly moved to the
   RequestArguments role in the form of a trigger on 'search' to populate
   'search_parameters' and 'search_attributes' which correspond directly to
   ->search($parameters, $attributes)
 - Error handling is now much more consistent, using Try::Tiny everywhere
 - Tests are now modernized and use JSON::Any
 - Extending is now explicitly done via Moose method modifiers
 - The only portion of the stash in use is to allow runtime definition of
 - list is now broken down into several steps:
   + list_munge_parameters
   + list_perform_search
   + list_format_output
   + row_format_output (which is just a passthrough per row)
 - Search can now take an array of hashrefs to give the ability to use the
   default 'OR'
 - By default search_parameters is an ArrayRef[HashRef] which is pertinent
   to list_munge_parameters
 - More thorough documentation of the various bits and pieces.
 - Documentation now uses Pod::Weaver and Plugin::PodWeaver (weaver.ini
 - The distribution is now managed by Dist::Zilla
 - And some more likely forgotten

1.004002 2010-01-14
 - Implement 'as' as a complement to 'select'
 - CGI::Expand'ed search parameters are now also JSON decoded + test
 - Fixed pod for parameters using a json string which shouldn't be
   surrounded by single quotes
 - Use next instead of NEXT in RPC
 - Moved sub object from RPC/REST to Base to DRY This will break your code
   if you subclass from REST and had relied on the action name 'object'
 - Check for defined objects before returning them for create/update

1.004001 2010-01-04
 - Allow for more complex prefetch_allows (multiple keys in hash)
 - Skip non-existant parameters in deserialization
 - Fixed whitespace to use spaces instead of tabs
 - Fixed pod to not use the config attributes from before 1.004
 - Fixed prefetch_allows check to properly handle nested attrs + test

1.004000 2009-12-22
 - Moosify
 - Move validation for *_exposes/*_allows to Data::DPath::Validator
 - Reorganize internals to use Moose and roles
 - Allow maximum configuration for what request parameters are named
 - Properly handle JSON boolean values
 - Earlier and more consistent validation of configuration and request

1.003004 2009-12-09
 - Database errors are also handled for searches + tests
 - Totalcount isn't included in the response if a db error occurs while
   fetching data
 - Converted no_plan tests to done_testing (required Test::More 0.88)

1.003003 2009-11-16
 - Database errors are properly handled + test
 - Fixed isa redefined warnings
 - Fixed bug preventing compat with future Catalyst::Action::Deserialize

1.003002 2009-07-22
 - Added totalcount to paged list responses
 - Fixed some tests weren't run in t/rpc/list.t
 - Fixed wrong setup_dbic_args_method error message

1.003001 2009-07-17
 - Minor fix to prevent failing test

1.003000 2009-05-19
 - Added prefetch support
 - Refactored to ensure all request params accept JSON, CGI::Expand or
   standard params
 - Doc improvements

1.002000 2009-03-18
 - Better error handing when unable to parse search arg
 - Added setup_dbic_args_method config option
 - Added list_search_exposes config option
 - Removed duplicate tests in t/rpc/list.t and t/rest/list.t
 - Fixed searches on columns which have a rel with the same name and vice
 - Added search by json
 - Added pagination support

1.001000 2008-07-23
 - Added setup_list_method configuration flag (jshirley)
 - Added support for setting config params in stash
 - Added list_grouped_by, list_count and list_ordered_by config attributes
 - Fixed bug with behaviour of list_returns

1.000002 Unknown
 - Fixed lack of deserialization under RPC

1.000001 2008-06-29
 - Improved docs

1.000000 2008-06-28
 - Released