Revision history for Catalyst-Controller-Imager

0.06    2014-01-12
        * added a mocked $c->stash() method to make failing tests work again
        * stringified MIME content-type value to avoid errors in latest
          Catalyst version

0.05    2013-02-22
        * added the requested file path to the error message in case a file
          was not found [Alexander Kohsiek]

        * bumped Imager version to 0.86 and expanded requirements by
          Imager::File::(GIF|JPEG|PNG) in order to give proper feedback
          feedback during install failures and re-allow automated testing

0.04    2011-05-10
        * modified Makefile.PL to avoid running CPAN Testers
          reason: Imager must be configured with gif, jpeg and png support
          which is not the default but makes sense for a web environment.

0.03    2011-05-03
        * changed size-test limits for gif files,
          some tests failed with certain gif-libs

        * switched to Dist::Zilla

0.02    2010-03-18
        * changed scale type to 'mixing'
          improves very small thumbnail's quality
          no visual changes for other sizes
        * typo changes in docs
        * eliminated trunk directory in repository
        * changed from Module::Build to Module::Install

0.01    2009-07-03
        * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.