Revision history for Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex

5.90035 - Tue Mar 31 09:57:18 EDT 2015
    Updates the deprecation message to reflect the fact that this module
    has been dropped from Catalyst::Runtime.
    [No meaningful code changes. No need to upgrade.]

5.90034 - Tue Mar 31 09:47:32 EDT 2015
    Adds Catalyst::Runtime to list of prereqs.
    -  Catalyst::Runtime was not previously included as  prereq as it caused
       circular dependencies. As of v5.90060, Catalyst::Runtime no longer
       includes this module as a prereq. Since that was released 14 months ago,
       it should be relatively safe to include Catalyst::Runtime as a prereq.
    Adds integration.
    [No code changes. No need to upgrade.]

5.90033 - Tue Jun 18 14:20:48 EDT 2013
    - Fixes spelling of deprecation.
    - Improves skips in tests.
    - Adds env flag to suppress the deprecation warning message.

5.90032 - Fri Apr 12 22:44:58 EDT 2013
    Removes Catalyst-Runtime as a dependency

    While some cpan clients can handle circular dependencies, apparently not
    all of them can. Of course, it is hard to imagine anyone installing this
    without already having Catalyst installed, so dropping the Catalyst
    requirement is unlikely to cause any real problems other than limiting
    the automated testing.

5.90031 - Fri Apr 12 18:49:56 EDT 2013
    Makes tests conditional on having Catalyst::Runtime 5.90030 installed

    To ease the depreciation process Catalyst::Runtime is including
    Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex as a requirement for a period of time.
    This causes a circular dependency. The installers seem to be smart
    enough to deal with the circular dependency, but the CDR tests fail
    because Catalyst::Runtime 5.90030 isn't installed. The test will be
    re-enabled once the requirement has been removed from Catalyst::Runtime.

5.90030 - Wed Apr 10 10:04:59 EDT 2013
    Initial release of standalone Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex

    The Regex dispatch types have been depreciated and removed from
    Catalyst core. This distribution is being made available as a
    fallback for developers who need the Regex dispatch type until
    they can convert to Chaind methods or other alternative.

    This distribution creates a separate DispatchType for each of
    Regex, Regexp, LocalRegex, and LocalRegexp. Previously C::Dispatcher
    converted all of these to Regex before passing it off to that
    one dispatch type.

    Dispatch order is no longer guaranteed to be Regex before LocalRegex.
    It now depends on when the DispatchType is seen in a controller.