Revision history for Catalyst::Plugin::AtomServer

0.04  2006.06.27
    - Added an is_atom flag to the Request object, so that Catalyst handlers
      that are handling Atom requests can set this. finalize and finalize_error
      handling now only occurs if is_atom is set, which fixes the problem
      where they weren't conditional on the type of request (e.g. a normal
      web request's errors would be returned in Catalyst error format).

0.03  2006.04.21
    - Basic auth now supports crypted/hashed passwords, by using
      Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::Password internally
      in the case of Basic authentication. Thanks to Gosuke Miyashita for
      the patch.

0.02  2006.01.04
    - Authentication plugin now properly emits WWW-Authenticate header,
      and sends the proper HTTP response code, when authentication header
      is empty or has improper credentials. Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
      for the catch.

0.01  2006.01.04
    - Initial distribution.