Revision history for Perl module Catalyst::Plugin::FormValidator::Simple::Auto

0.18 2009-06-08T18:22:36+09:00
     - support Catalyst 5.8 (Thanks to hidek)

0.17 2008-04-09T18:57:31+09:00
     - use local when set $YAML::UseAliases

0.16 2008-04-09T16:24:45+09:00
     - support yaml aliases (Reported by Nakane)

0.15 2007-04-10T10:56:52+09:00
     - support bundle message that has no validation rule

0.14 2007-04-08T02:46:50+09:00
     - don't delete not only profile action but also form object, too

0.13 2007-04-08T02:03:57+09:00
     - don't delete profile if it's first one

0.12 2007-02-22T17:14:20+09:00
	 - Added nest forward validation (Thanks to Daniel Burke)
	 - Added form_messages method

0.11 2007-01-02T02:56:00+09:00
     - Fixed cannot handle error_messages when validation rule is array ref

0.10 2006-12-26T09:52:38+09:00
     - Fixed wrong yaml format in pod
     - Make yaml loading looser

0.09 2006-12-23T08:58:04+09:00
     - Use warn instead of error, when no validator profile set
     - Switched to Module::Install
     - Added validation error message bundling feature

0.08 2006-09-09T15:16:29+09:00
     - removed $c->path_to when loading yaml file

0.07 2006-07-25T13:05:01+09:00
     - added validator_profile accessor to store current profile
     - added some basic tests

0.06 2006-07-24T02:44:21+09:00
     - fixed forward action tracker bug when action is relative calls

0.05 2006-07-24T01:48:38+09:00
     - added forward tracking

0.04 2006-07-07T11:56:59+09:00
     - fixed yaml load error with latest

0.03 2006-06-14T11:30:20+09:00
     - fixed bug for action name (reported by tokuhirom)

0.02 2006-06-14T02:08:49+09:00
     - added missing prereq modules (no code changes)

0.01 2006-06-14T01:44:54+09:00
     - original version;