Revision history for Perl extension Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Flex.

0.07  10/17/2005
        - Add cookie_name option to specify the name of the session cookie, 
        patch contributed by John Beppu <>.

0.06  09/15/2005
	- Correct documentation bug for session_clear being listed as
	clear reported by John Beppu <>.

0.05  08/27/2005
	- Change finalize() to always set the cookie even if one
	already exists, this way the expiration time is updated.

	- Allow the "domain", "path", and "secure" parameters to be
	set for the session cookie, if you configure them in the
	application config.  To see what all of these parameters do
	look at CGI::Cookie.

0.04  07/24/2005 
	- Add support persistent session cookies, beyond the duration
	of the browser by setting the expires config option.  Patched
	by Andy Grundman <>.

0.03  05/23/2005
	- Remove prerequisite for Cache::FastMmap from Makefile.PL

0.02  05/23/2005
	- add session_clear method
	- cleanup the tie() code to use the %$ form of tying an existing hash reference.

0.01  05/19/2005
        - first release