# This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Catalyst-TraitFor-Model-DBIC-Schema-Result.

0.006 23 January 2017
  - Allow you to get a result from an existing resultset

0.005 10 December 2015
  - Fixed a bug when Catalyst debug mode is enabled and the call for a Result
    model results in a new result.

0.004 20 November 2015
  - Calling for a ::Result when there are no Args (or CaptureArgs) for the
    current action, or calling with an argument of +{} will return a new empty
    result object, suitable for creating a new row.

0.003 10 June 2015
  - Allow you to submit args via $c->model($Result, @args)
  - documentation updates.
  - fixed error in the way I setup database fixtures.

0.002 04 May 2015
  - The action where you call the model may declare subroutine
    attributes used to inform how args are converted to ->find.

0.001 04 May 2015
  - First Release.