- Fix previously built dist being present in the tarball (t0m)
  - Add Vary header to prevent potential problems with downstream caches
  - Fix dependencies in Makefile.PL, merge fail :/
  - Refactor into a Moose Role for use with alternate views. (rafl)
  - Additional documentation (t0m)
  - Clone request headers rather than changing them (t0m)
  - Nick the OSX fragment out of the Catalyst::Runtime Makefile.PL to
    beat my Mac into generating a correct dist. (t0m)
  - Fixes an tests to be fully Internet Explorer compatible (David Dorward)
  - Change to MRO::Compat for perl 5.10 (t0m)
1.002 2008-12-13
  - Add 'use Class::C3' so that the module works on the currently
    released Catalyst version. (t0m)
1.001 2008-12-12
  - Add tests for other Accept header cases where the current code
    will get it wrong. (David Dorward)
  - Fix all of these tests. (t0m)
1.000 2008-12-12
  - First working version of the module extracted from the quick hack
    I have in every Catalyst application I've ever written. (t0m)