Revision history for CatalystX-CRUD

0.57 07 Dec 2015
 - failure to load object now returns 404 rather than throwing a 500.

0.56 28 Feb 2014
 - remove : character from rxOp param in internal Search::QueryParser::SQL
   constructor. This allows for finding url values like http://foo/bar
   which previously would be parsed as http=//foo/bar
 - add 'use_lower' feature to Module::Utils to support Search::QueryParser::SQL
   version 0.010.

0.55 28 Jan 2013
 - add Iterator->serialize() method.

0.54 5 Nov 2012
 - add Results->serialize() method
 - refactor some Controller methods into a Role class
 - Model::File->fetch() now returns undef if file does not exist. Add
 - add new required method to Object class: is_new()
 - add Model->put_related method

0.53 31 Oct 2012
 - add list_related and view_related primarily for REST support

0.52 13 July 2011
 - doc fix in Tutorial via RT#68499
 - tests fixed for RT#68779

0.51 19 May 2010
 - added use_request_uri_for_path to test MyApp to fix	test failures with
   Catalyst::Runtime 5.80024

0.50 13 May 2010
 - fix make_primary_key_string() to get rid of bad sprintf() call

0.49 11 April 2010
 - uri_for_view_on_single_result() will return uri for 'view' action,
   regardless of value of can_write().

0.48 29 Jan 2009
 - fix bug with create() introduced in 0.47.
 - remove explicit dep on Class::C3 per RT54097

0.47 15 Jan 2009
 - fix tutorial per RT#53396
 - fix bug in base Controller->fetch() where multiple PKs where one value
   is null were slipping through. Reported by Adam Mackler.

0.46 20 Nov 2009
 - tweek Model::File _find to avoid multiple loops over the same list of
   root dirs.
 - tweek Model::File->search to read() each object like fetch() does.
 - add dep on Sort::SQL 0.07 to avoid sql injection (RT#51777)

0.45 13 June 2009
 - fix multi-column sort via cxc-order param (requires Sort::SQL 0.04)

0.44 23 May 2009
 - check for symlink() support in Model::File at compile time and return
   from rm_related() if not supported. Fixes spurious test breakage on
   Win32. See

0.43 29 April 2009
 - rid of ourselves of Class::Data::Inheritable because it clashes with
   Catalyst::Runtime 5.8. Notably, it caused a strange bug in
   Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst where the MyApp->config class hashref would
   get nuked after a call to Class::C3::initialize(). Yes. That fsked up.

0.42 27 April 2009
 - revert ACCEPT_CONTEXT changes; fixes pushed to new C::C::A_C on CPAN,
   and added no warnings using Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT (thanks to t0m)
 - change from 'use Class::C3' to 'use mro "c3"' with new dep on
 - added some debugging in tests

0.41 21 April 2009
 - remove Catalyst::Component::ACCEPT_CONTEXT as a dependency since it has
   not been updated for Catalyst 5.8.

0.40 16 April 2009
 - change base Controller to call can_read() rather than can_write() in
   edit(). This is because the call to edit() does not actually write
   anything; it's just a GET for a form.

0.39 14 Jan 2009
 - add missing file to MANIFEST that causes tests to fail in 0.38

0.38 12 Jan 2009
 - use maybe::next::method
 - fix view_on_single_result bug in Test::Controller

0.37 8 Dec 2008
 - support x-tunneled-method for DELETE in save() calls

0.36 4 Dec 2008
 - add cxc-fuzzy2 feature and document both it and cxc-fuzzy.

0.35 24 Nov 2008
 - call edit() after initializing object and form with passed in params, so
   that the init_form() method can have all data already set.

0.34 24 Nov 2008
 - fix make_primary_key_string to return undef if multi-col PK has no

0.33 22 Nov 2008
 - fix Tutorial wrt RT#40846

0.32 21 Oct 2008
 - use Class::Data::Inheritable to define delegate_class() class accessor
   in base Model

0.31 16 Sept 2008
 - add missing req to Makefile.PL
 - force field_names to be an ARRAY ref in Utils make_sql_query()

0.30 11 Sept 2008
 - fix uninit value warning in Controller
 - change REST create() : Local to _rest_create() : Path('create') to make
   it easier for create_form() to call create() in superclass.
 - clean up old style $self->config->{value} to instead use $self->value in
 - add app_class() and model_meta() accessors to ModelAdapter 
 - in base Controller, rename view_on_single_result() method to
   uri_for_view_on_single_result and make accessor for the config value
 - change all reserved param names in Model::Utils to use 'cxc-' prefix
   instead of '_'. Backwards compat is preserved where possible.
 - Model::Utils make_query() will uc() sort direction 
 - change behaviour of get_primary_key() in base Controller to not look in
   req->params for pk values. This allows for changing the PK as part of an
 - add new() in REST to call next::method. Works around (some) multiple
   inheritance issues.
 - check for $c->res->location before redirecting in postcommit()
 - Model::Utils was refactored to use Search::QueryParser::SQL. The
   following methods were affected: * sql_query_as_string() -- removed *
   params_to_sql_query() -- now returns hashref with 3 items: - query isa
   Search::QueryParser::SQL::Query object - query_hash (formerly query) is
   a simple param-name => [values] hashref - sql is the output of
   S::QP::S::Query->rdbo * make_sql_query() -- returned hash ref now has
   query_hash as plain_query value and the stringify'd Query object as

0.29 23 Aug 2008
 - fix typos in the Tutorial
 - add relationship methods to Controller, ModelAdapter and Model core API.
 - added sugary alias methods for read(), update() and delete() to match
 - refactored REST controller to support related methods and provide better
   HTTP status checks and responses.

0.28 11 Aug 2008
 - API for ModelAdapter changed to pass controller instance in do_model()
 - add get_primary_key() and make_primary_key_string() methods to base
   Controller.	This allows for PKs composed of multiple columns.

0.27 12 June 2008
 - fix Controller->rm() to check for model_adapter() and call its delete()
   method as advertised.
 - check for length($oid) instead of defined($oid) in REST->default
 - added CatalystX::CRUD::Results class
 - added naked_results() config option to base Controller
 - refactored base Controller to make all config options into accessors.
   added t/02-controller
 - change Model::Utils to use req->params rather than param()

0.26 06 May 2008
 - fix bug in Iterator to test for !next() rather than !defined(next())
 - re-set action in ::REST->default so that RPC-style template naming works
 - use :Path instead of :Private on ::REST->default
 - fix several bugs with action() set in ::REST
 - ::Controller->form now calls NEXT::form. This is for REST compat and
   @INC oddness.
 - added new ::ModelAdapter class and refactored base Controller to use it.
 - moved make_pager() from base ::Model to ::Model::Utils
 - added new ::Test classes to ease writing controller-agnostic tests.
 - new, optional 'make_query' method in Controller.
 - move AUTOLOAD() and can() hackery out of base Model into base Object
   where it belongs. Now there is only 2 sins instead of the 3 in previous
   releases (where we no longer monkey-patch the subs at run time).
 - refactor tests to actually perform some CRUD.
 - add ::ModelAdapter::File example.
 - add envvar CXCRUD_TEST in base CX::CRUD to cluck() stack traces on
   exceptions. Mostly useful during testing since the ::Test::Controller
   now returns only the error.
 - renamed 'buffer' to 'content' in ::Object::File.
 - ::Model::File->fetch() will now always return an object even if it does
   not yet exist on the filesystem.
 - change default create() method in Controller to call methods directly
   instead of forward()ing.
 - add create() method to REST that just redirects to create_form().
 - change from 'use NEXT' to 'use Class::C3'
 - added support for "x-tunneled-method" param to REST controller in
   addition to "_http_method".	This is for compat with

0.25 1 Feb 2008
 - fix bug to clarify what happens when form_to_object() returns false.

0.24 22 Jan 2008
 - always fetch() in REST->default, to fix bug with no object being set for
 - always uc() the req method for comparison purposes
 - fix bug when checking the _http_method param to use params() instead of
   param() and use the first if multiple.
 - refactor REST to provide backwards compat with Controller for easy @ISA
   swap (as advertised)

0.23 20 Jan 2008
 - added REST API
 - added allow_GET_writes Controller config option, to prevent casual GET
   /save or /delete requests.

0.22 04 Jan 2008
 - add treat_like_int() support to Model::Utils

0.21 04 Jan 2008
 - fix black magic can() in

0.20 31 Dec 2007
 - fix view_on_single_result() to check can_write()

0.19 21 Dec 2007
 - added Sort::SQL to Makefile.PL reqs.

0.18 20 Dec 2007
 - added _no_page parameter support to the Model API.
 - added ::Model::Utils to help with DRY

0.17 19 Dec 2007
 - add field_names() method to base Controller class. This is to aid
 - of CatalystX::CRUD::View implementations.

0.16 04 Dec 2007
 - fix typo in Tutorial so it shows up in
 - fix Controller->do_search() to always include query for view's use,
 - even when there are no results.

0.15 24 Nov 2007
 - oops. actually include the tutorial pod in this release.

0.14 23 Nov 2007
 - add Tutorial
 - fix bug (again) in Controller when there is only one result in

0.13 19 Nov 2007
 - fix bug in Controller when there is only one result in do_search().

0.12 17 Nov 2007
 - fix bug in Controller when determining whether do_search() should

0.11 14 Nov 2007
 - fix AUTOLOAD method to report correct object class on error

0.10 12 Nov 2007
 - simplify Iterator base class to hardcode 'delegate' method name

0.09 10 November 2007
 - fix missing precommit() default sub in
 - fix AUTOLOAD hackery in

0.08 9 November 2007
 - fix documentation for save() method.

0.07 9 November 2007
 - added count() method to base Controller

0.06 6 November 2007
 - clean up temp files from make test [rt# 30425]

0.05 1 November 2007
 - stash query in Controller results for View
 - do_search() returns if no input
 - Model reserved params now start with _
 - some can/AUTOLOAD black magic to make Object/delegate stuff DWIM.

0.04 25 October 2007
 - rework view_on_single_result API in base Controller and tests for same

0.03 22 October 2007
 - add test for File implementation (and fix the bugs it revealed)
 - fix AUTOLOAD to ignore DESTROY

0.02 22 October 2007
 - Fixed Makefile.PL dependencies (added
 - Refactored Controller and Model to abstract a little more, notably added
   the form_to_object() method in Controller.
 - New File example implementation of the whole Model/Object/Iterator API.

0.01 3 October 2007
 - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.