Revision history for Perl extension Chemistry::Harmonia.

0.118  2013-05-18
	- Fixed the subroutine prepare_mix() for Perl v5.17.x, v5.18.0 ("Hash randomization")
	- Fixed tests of the subroutine stoichiometry() for Perl v5.17.x, v5.18.0 ("Hash randomization")

0.111  2013-05-18
	- Fixed tests for new subroutine stoichiometry()

0.11  2013-05-17
	- Added new powerfull subroutine stoichiometry()
	- Added new subroutine brutto_formula()
	- Fixed a problem with the 0 for C0, H0, N0, P0 and others to-> {Co CO}, {Ho HO}...
	- Removing of points in late of the formulas
	- Added tests, examples into documentation
	- README revised
	- Refused to use the module Regexp::Common (due to a problem of unpredictable changes. Replaced it a my pure perl code)
	- High-speed optimization
	- Algorithm of OSE recognition is refined
	- Correction and optimization of sub 'good_formula'

0.08  2011-12-05T11:11:11+02:00
    [In sub 'oxidation_state']
	- high-speed optimization in 2 times;
	- algorithm of OSE recognition is refined;
    [Correction and optimization of sub 'good_formula']
	- 1, !, | -> l/I/i for I, Al, Cl, Tl, Li, Bi, Ni, Si
	- Aq, Hq, Mq, Rq, Sq -> Ag, Hg, Mg, Rg, Sg;
	- Q -> O
	- $ -> s
	- And many others optimizations;
	- New tests are added.

0.0777  2011-06-15T22:22:22+02:00
    - add to Makefile.PL modules Test::LongString & Test::Pod

0.07  2011-06-12T22:22:22+02:00
    - 'good_formula' subroutine is added.
    - 'prepare_mix' subroutine is added.
    - 'class_cir_brutto' subroutine is added.
    - 'ttc_reaction' subroutine is added.
    - Protesting over 22,100 unique inorganic reactions.
    - For 'oxidation_state' is considerable refined the algorithm.
    - Protesting over 6,200 well and few know unique inorganic substances.
    - For 'parse_chem_mix' is considerable refined the algorithm.
    - Numerous errors are eliminated and others.
    - The documentation is added.
    - Tests for all subroutines are added and optimized the existing.

0.06* 2010-12-10
    Top secret version. For internal use.

0.05  2010-12-07T16:40:17+02:00
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
	-XAn Chemistry::Harmonia
    - The first official version.