2004-06-18 15:07  james

    v0.12 released to CPAN

    Add support for generating ACLs that have the 'established' option

    Add reset method to clear out all the values of the ACL object for

2004-05-27 11:20  james

    v0.11 released to CPAN

	Integrate patch from nicolasgeorgel@yahoo.fr to support port range
	syntax and port numbers in reverse (higher first) order.

	Add example using multiple addrs / ports

	Re-gen t/05_examples.t from .pm

	Add a new test to t/04_acls.t

	Indent example addresses to prevent them from running together in the
	HTML version of the documentation.

2004-01-28 19:18  james

	v0.10 released to CPAN

	Finish port of acl.pl to Cisco::ACL