1.02  Thu Sep 15 2005  Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <hanenkamp@cpan.org>

	* Switched from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build.
	* Added dependencies on Class::DBI 0.96 (thanks to MJH <mjh@liminalflux.net
	  for the suggestion)
	* Updated the README documentation.
	* Changed the environment variables used for testing.
	* Fixed testing so that tests are skipped when optional prerequisites are
	  not installed.
	* Removed Class::DBI::DDL::mysql as it did nothing.
1.01  Thu Dec 11 2003  Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <hanenkamp@cpan.org>

	* Initial release version.
	* Support for PostgreSQL and MySQL tested.
	* Contains public methods: create_table, drop_table, column_definition,
	* Includes support for helper packages with methods: pre_create_table,
	  post_create_table, pre_drop_table, post_drop_table.