Revision history for Perl extension Class::DBI::Plugin::PseudoColumns

0.03  Tue Feb  7 21:10:39 JST 2006
        - added set() method.
          This idea was given by MATSUNO Tokuhiro <tokuhirom at>.
        - some global variables were changed an inheritable class data
          (it was provided from Class::Data::Inheritable a base class of
          This idea was given by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <miyagawa at>.

0.02  Tue Jan 10 16:54:41 JST 2006
        - added create() method.
        - added serializer() method.
        - added deserializer() method.
        - pseudo_columns() was changed to return grouped column names
          like Class::DBI::columns().
        - many hints are provided by
          Masahiro Nagano <kazeburo at> and
          Takuji ASAKURA <asakura at>, thanks.

0.01  Wed Nov 16 07:00:15 JST 2005
        - original version