Revision history for Perl extension Class::Delegator.

0.09  2008-05-22T03:27:06
      - Removed the spelling test from the distribution, since it can fail on
        systems without a spell program or using a different locale.

0.08  2008-05-15T03:36:19
      - Fixed a Perl 5.5 test failure. I never should have been testing for
        line number, anyway. The file name is enough.
      - Added a spelling test. No more typos!

0.07  2008-05-05T17:57:26
      - Added the "configure_requires", and "recommends" parameters to

0.06  2006-01-02T18:28:48
      - Fixed test failures on some platforms. It seems that how error line
        numbers are determined can vary from Perl to Perl.

0.05  2005-12-30T21:45:22
      - Fixed a few more minor typos.
      - Added #line comments to the generated delegation methods that point to
        the context in which Class::Delegator was used. This makes debugging
        easier, as any exceptions will have an appropriate file name and line
        number rather than "at (eval 137) line 1". Patch from Sterling
      - Added meethod name information to the delegating methods, by assigning
        the method name to *__ANON__.

0.04  2005-11-02T03:04:23
      - Minor documentation typo fix (cpan #12286).

0.03  2005-04-13T18:22:10
      - Added a word missing from an error message.
      - Fixed a spelling error. Reported by Ramesh R.
      - Fixed a warning in the tests.

0.02  2005-01-29T20:36:34
      - Added support for dispatching a single method call to multiple
        attributes. The "as" parameter can be used to dispatch to different
        methods in those multiple attributes. This brings things more in
        line with how Class::Delegation works.
      - Added a "Benchmarks" section to demonstrate the performance of
        Class::Delegator vs. Class::Delegation and manually-generated
        delegation methods.
      - When specified as an array reference, the "as" parameter no longer
        needs to contain the same number of items as the "send" parameter. But
        it does need to be the same number of items as in the "to" parameter
        when both "to" and "as" are array references.

0.01  2005-01-28T00:02:09
      - Initial public release.