Revision history for Perl extension Class::ObjectTemplate::DB.

0.26 Mon Feb 25 14:54:46 MST 2002
	- Fixed deep inheritance bug
	- now requires v0.6

0.25 Mon Jan  7 15:39:53 MST 2002
	- fixed bug that over-rode method if an attribute was defined
	  with the same name 
	- now has use strict

0.24 Fri Jan 26 13:15:46 MST 2001
     - Added Class::ObjectTemplate to PREREQ_PM hash in Makefile.PL so
       that CPAN will automatically install it. 

0.23 Sun Jan 14 10:14:54 MST 2001
     - added README

0.22 Sun Jan 14 08:35:15 MST 2001
     - Changed name to Class::ObjectTemplate::DB
     - now inherits from Class::ObjectTemplate

0.21 Tue Jun 13 13:16:36 MDT 2000
     - Fixed bug in attribute definition. Attribute data was being
       stored in the wrong place due to a typo.

0.20 Sun Jun  11 12:56:42 MDT 2000
     - Major change. Removed $LOOKUP cluge, and made new attributes()
       that accepts a hash style arg list with two parameter names,
       'lookup', and 'no_lookup' each of which take an array ref of
       attribute names, e.g. 
     - Fixed major inheritance bug. Free list was not used properly,
       and attributes were not being inherited. 
     - Removed ObjectTemplate::knows(), it was no longer needed once
       the inheritance issue was fixed. Now ObjectTemplate is a
       perl-only solution.

0.10 Sat Jun  3 12:56:42 MDT 2000
     - Major change. Automatic lookup is now turned off by default. To
       turn it on, a class must set $ObjectTemplate::LOOKUP to true
       *before* calling attributes().

0.06 Fri Jun  2 11:05:04 MDT 2000
     - fixed bug in _define_accessor where the getter was invoked when
       called with 'foo(undef)'. This had the side affect that
       undefined() would be invoked when setting an attribute to
       'undef'. fixed by adding 'return' to setter line.

0.05 Mon May 22 17:50:21 MDT 2000
     - Added regression tests in

0.04 Thu May 18 18:15:07 MDT 2000
     - Added code to _define_accessor() for handling DB queries. If
       the getter is called and the current value is undef, instead of
       returning undef it first calls the objects undefined() method,
       which allows the class to create a value (such as making a DB
       query). It then sets the value to that returned by undefined()
       (which might still be undef) and returns the new value.
     - added default undefined() which returns undef. 

0.03 Wed May 17 17:08:26 MDT 2000
	- distributable version by	

0.02 Mon Apr 27 17:08:26 MDT 1998
	- version by
	- added ObjectTemplate.c 
	- fixed major bug in which UNIVERSAL::can() was used
          improperly. can() walks up the inheritance tree to find
          whether an object knows a certain method. This is very bad,
          because we want to know if the *base* class defines the
          method not whether any of the superclasses define it. Had to
          add a method to perl exists_method() that only checks the
          base class, and ObjectTemplate::knows() which calls

0.01  Sun Feb  6 08:40:10 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19