Revision history for Perl extension Color::Fade.

  0.02  Aug  1 2008
  - Major bugfix: If the input string was so massive and not enough colors were
    sent in with it, the length of a given segment of the string might've been
    greater than 255, meaning that the delta of a RGB value against the length
    of the segment would be a number less than 1. Long story short, the fading
    would fail miserably. This has been fixed by detecting segment lengths higher
    than 128 characters, and looping through the provided colors and adding more
    to the list. So if the provide colors are red and yellow, it would make the
    list contain (red, orange, yellow), and then (red, orange-red, orange,
    yellow-orange, yellow), until the length of a segment divided by the new
    color selection is less than 128 characters. If you send something so massive
    that it fails to factor it down 100 times, it gives up and continues.
  - Minor bugfix: I was using oct() instead of hex() to convert hex into

  0.01  Jan 29 2007
  - Initial release.