Revision history for Perl extension Compress::Bzip2.

2.00 Wed Apr 13 16:33:35 2005

This is a complete re-write of Compress::Bzip2.  I left the in-memory
compress routines much as is, compress and decompress.

(re)created by h2xs 1.23 with options
	-b 5.6.0 -n Compress::Bzip2 bzlib.h

I wanted Compress::Zlib compatibility cause I have s/w that uses
Compress::Zlib and I wanted an easy migration path, since bzlib gives
about 20-30% better compression on ascii files than gzip.

This is a 2.x release.  Since there was a change in authorship, I
figured I should bump the major version number.  I could have easily
given this a slightly different name.  Given the minimal functionality
of version 1, that didn't seem like a useful thing to do.  Heck,
version 1 doesn't even work with bzlib 1.x, you have to patch in the
BZ2_ prefixes, so my guess is that Compress::Bzip2 isn't being used
in a lot of places.

2.01 Sat Apr 23 2005
   - cleaned up for 64bit, HPUX PA-RISC 2.0W and itanium
   - fleshed out the Compress::Zlib compatibility, added a
     couple of tests for it.
   - added bzip2, bunzip2 and bzcat, which act like the bzip
   - added some compatibility for windows, can't test it out really
   - added the bzlib library underneath
   - changed the test suite so that it does not rely on bzip2
     being installed.
   - added a test to the Makefile.PL to determine whether or
     not the internal Bzlib is necessary.

2.02 Sat Apr 23 2005
   - 2.01 rejected by PAUSE because the META.yml was invalid
   - learned how to do "make dist"

2.03 Sun Apr 24 2005
   - didn't have in the MANIFEST, the tarball was unbuildable.
   - rewrote the INSTALL, README to give help on the options
     for locating your bzip2 installation.

2.04 Mon Apr 25 2005
   - tested different styles of builds.  confirmed some errors in the
     Makefile.PL test for bzip2 that were pointed out by Sisyphus.
   - Sisyphus reported some changes necessary for windows builds.  I
     injected those changes into the code.  one of them, adding
     aTHX_ to the call to PerlIO_binmode seems like a perl version
   - added tests for internal_bzlib, copied from bzip2 1.0.2.

2.05 Wed Apr 27 2005
   - cleaned up the pod so it's more presentable online.
   - win32 builds - the eye of the needle.  Sisyphus has been doing most of
     the work.
   - cater to win32 nmake - :: ok but $^ not
   - cater to win32 dmake - :: bad but $^ ok
   - cater to win32 - use File::Spec catfile and rel2abs all over the place
2.06 Fri Apr 29 2005
   - build for bzip2.exe fine tuning for win32 nmake

2.07 Sun May 1 2005
   - bzlib-src/Makefile.PL had a stupid mistake in it that shows up for
     win32 nmake.  I can't test that stuff out.  Plus, got some new
     info from Sisyphus, so tossed my scribble and put in something
     known to work.

   - implemented Compress::Bzip2 1.03 compatibility layer to encompass
     the post-1.00 development thread taken by Marco Carnut and David
     Robins.  Made an effort to include the three .t test files asis.

   - Why?  Cause I found that PerlIO::via::Bzip2, by Arjen Laarhoven,
     is built on the streaming interface of 1.03.  From looking over
     it, I gather it redirects a 1.03 compression/decompression stream
     to/from a file.  It doesn't do the extra bit of fiddling with the
     trailers to make the resultant file usable by the bzip2 commands.
     Additionally, the 1.03 decompress stream doesn't handle the pause
     when an embedded EOF marker is found, which is an issue for files
     larger than the buffer size (900k by default).
     So, I figured it would be easy to provide a compatibility layer
     for packages that use 1.03.  By using my stuff, the headers and
     trailers would be automatically taken care of, as would the EOF
     marker.  Something like PerlIO::via::Bzip2 would then
     interoperate with bzip2 commands.  Sure, I think bzread and bzwrite
     are better choices for file IO, but this is perl, right?  There has
     to be at least 10 ways to do the same thing.

2.08 Wed May 11 2005
   - Sisyphus got the win32 nmake problem licked.  merging his stuff in.

   - perldoc changes for bzip2 1.03 compatibility.

   - got ownership of the module on cpan

2.09 Tue Aug 9 2005
   - change email addy

   - patch for test 041-error.t, thanks to Dave Evans

   - prototype error for bzwrite, limit variable was not optional, thanks
     to Christian Drauch for pointing this out.

2.10 2013-03-25 rurban
   - updated bzlib-src from 1.0.2 to 1.0.6
   - [cpan #82308] make breaks on 5.17.7 by schubiger
   - [cpan #21961] update ppport.h
   - [cpan #25002] memBzip() ignores level
     keep using default 6, but honor optional level argument
   - use -std=c89 on gcc compat compilers
   - fix -Wimplicit-int warning for show_bzversion main()
   - fix a couple if dangling else corner cases
     format string errors, and unused variables.
   - [cpan #82576] fix pod formatting errors
   - [cpan #48128] support memBunzip BZh header w/o extra size prefix
     and grow dest buf dynamically. Tests in t/040-memory.t
   - [cpan #40741] fix bzreadline blocked on the broken bz2 files
   - [cpan #84223] fix ignored bzinflateInit args
   - [cpan #48124] Multiple issues with bzinflate
     support PV ref as bzinflate() buffer arg as documented.
     support status checks in chunked bzinflate() calls. t/060-inflate.t
   - [cpan #49618] fix for win32 nmake + gcc
   - fix t/041-error.t bzopen does not work with filehandles with 5.6,
     global destruction of IO::Handle mixed up with a socket
   - [cpan #36246] compress 0-byte srcfiles correctly. by Jeffrey Ratcliffe.
     fixes debian bug 464205
   - [cpan #28366] added testcase for double free or corruption on 32 bit, threaded
     but could not repro it.

2.11 2013-04-01 rurban
   - [cpan #84239] Updated FSF address
   - [cpan #68572] Workaround EUMM bug #84345 missing -R

2.12 2013-04-01 rurban
   - Fixed META.yml, added META records and SIGN, LICENSE, repository to Makefile.PL,
     META.yml is now autogenerated
   - added META and POD tests

2.13 2013-04-01 rurban
   - Fixed POD coverage

2.14 2013-04-05 rurban
   - Fixed solaris gcc issue [cpan #84432] by removing -std=c89

2.15 2013-04-05 rurban
   - Silence show_bzversion warnings with make test in t/ when -lbz2 is unusable.
     ParseConfig is duplicated and not needed in t/, but I'll leave it there.

2.16 2013-06-18 rurban
   - pod typo fixed by GH dsteinbrunner.

2.17 2013-08-28 rurban
   - Fixed license in README (thanks to John Peacock)

2.18 2014-08-06 rurban
   - [cpan #68572] add ccdlflags for show_bzversion missing -R also, similar to the
     fix in 2.11. Not a EUMM bug.
   - require constant 1.04 (since 5.8) to accept hashrefs.
   - add META to MANIFEST

2.19 2015-10-24 rurban
   - fixed generated SIGNATURE (EUMM parallel make issue)

2.20 2015-01-15 rurban
   - Convert README to markdown, mention the preferred IO::Compress::Bzip2 in
     the docs (done by Pattarawat Chormai, GH PR #2)

2.21 2015-02-17 rurban
   - Add leaktrace test
   - Add .gitignore

2.22 2015-02-17 rurban
   - Fixed huge decompress memory leak, leaking every single XS outbut buffer.
   - Better memory leak testcase with Memory::Dump, t/
     (RT #102211 by Nick Koston)
   - clarify docs that deflate = compress, inflate = uncompress

2.23 2015-06-08 rurban
   - HP-UX lddlflags fix by Merjin Brand (RT #105096)
     "ld: Unrecognized argument: -Wl,-E"
   - -Wformat fixes

2.24 2015-12-08 rurban
   - Silence gcc-5 optimizer warning (RT #105647)
     with internal BUILD_BZLIB=1
   - Improve kwalitee test

2.25 2016-11-11 rurban
   - Workaround EUMM 7.16 (RT #117800) by chorny

2.26 2017-04-10 rurban
   - . in @INC test fixes for perl5.26 (RT #121020)

2.27 2020-05-26 15:56:27 rurban
   - fix various null derefs (RT #132711, reported by Petr Pisar)
   - 5.6 does not work for some time, disallow

2.28 2020-07-18 08:05:11 rurban
   - re-upload with unexpired gpg key. no changes.