2013-03-06  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v1.000

	* Added Travis CI support.
	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Added methods text_store, text_retrieve and
	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Added interface for aug_text_store,
	aug_text_retrieve and aug_rename.

2012-03-09  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v0.903

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Improve doc.
	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Improve error management
	in set and insert, thanks to Peter Valdemar Mørch.
	* Build.PL: Require libxml to compile,
	depend on Augeas 0.10.0.

2011-11-04  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v0.902

	* Fix documentation and copyrights.
	* Build.PL: Depend on Augeas 0.9.0.

2011-11-03  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v0.901

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Added method aug_srun.
	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Added interface for aug_srun.

2011-10-11  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v0.802

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Use #ifndef to prevent future breakage
	if Augeas exports its internal constants.

2011-10-11  Raphaël Pinson <raphink@cpan.org> v0.801

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Added method aug_span
	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Added interface for aug_span
	Fixed flags by using binary or instead of logical or.

2010-02-18  Dominique Dumont  <domi.dumont@free.fr> v0.701

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Added new error strings from Augeas 0.7.0

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: fix core dump in get (initialise RETVAL
	before calling aug_get). Added new error constants from Augeas

2009-12-21  Dominique Dumont  <domi.dumont@free.fr> v0.601

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm : Added methods load, error, error_message,
	error_minor_message and error_details

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs : Added interface for aug_load and
	aug_error* from Augeas 0.6.0

2009-07-10  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.501

	* Build.PL: modified gcc options to issue more warnings (and fixed

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Fixed compiler warnings (Thanks to
	Guillaume Rousse)

2009-05-27  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v 0.500

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (new): added no_load, save => noop,
	no_std_inc options
	(defvar): new method for Augeas 0.5.0
	(defnode): new method for Augeas 0.5.0

2009-02-17  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.400

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs (match): dies if aug_match returns -1. Perl
	programmer can choose to trap this failure with eval or Error

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (match): cleanup trailing slashes in
	path (required by new behavior of Augeas 0.4.0)

2009-01-02  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison> v0.305

	* t/Config-AugeasC.t: Removed test involving AUGROOT environment
	variable (Lead to FTBS on Debian amd64). The removed tests are
	already performed passing augeas root through aug_init.

2008-11-21  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.304

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (print): Improved print method. Can now
	print on STDOUT, in a file with a simpler call. (e.g
	$aug_obj->print to print on STDOUT)

2008-11-16  Domi  <domi@bilbo.maison> 

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (set): no longer dies when trying to set a
	value to 0. Only dies when the value to set is undefined.

2008-11-07  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.303

	* Build.PL: Require Augeas 0.3.4 minimum

	* t/Config-AugeasC.t: Added tests cases for save with backup and
	save without backup. Fixed sshd_config tests

2008-10-26  Dominique Dumont  <domi.dumont@free.fr> v0.302

	* t/Config-AugeasC.t: Starting from version 0.3.2, Augeas no
	longer writes a file when its data was not modified. This change
	of behavior broke this test. This test is now fixed to cope with
	this change (which makes sense).
2008-08-29  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.301

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (move): New method for Augeas 0.3.0 new
	aug_mv function. 'move' can also be called with 'mv'

2008-07-30  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.203

	* t/Config-Augeas.t: Fixed test that broke with Augeas 0.2.2

2008-07-29  Dominique Dumont  <dominique.dumont@hp.com> v0.202

	* t/Config-Augeas*.t: Removed hardcoded lense path now that this
	bug is fixed in Augeas

2008-07-28  Dominique Dumont  

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Backported for Perl 5.8

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm (insert): Can now use 'after' parameter

2008-07-20  Dominique Dumont

	* Fixed minor error in tests

	* Fix Build.PL to avoid test failure reports when augeas library
	is not installed.

2008-07-01  Dominique Dumont  v0.201

	* t/Config-Augeas*.t: Documented work-around Augeas 0.2.0
	bugs. These work-around will be removed with next version of

	* lib/Config/Augeas.pm: Can now work with Perl 5.8

	* lib/Config/Augeas.xs: Fixed C90 compiler warning found on Rhel5.
	Removed hardcoded path (Thanks Alan)

	* README: Updated 

0.01  Thu Jun 12 18:35:07 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-n Config::AugeasC /usr/local/include/augeas.h