1.54 (8-Jun-2020):
 - No code changes - just updated META and information

1.53 (8-Jun-2020):
 - No changes - just another release for CPAN

1.52 (22-May-2020):
 - Less problematic build CPAN RT#132165

1.51 (15-Nov-2018):
 - Fix old bugs from CPAN RT
 - perltidy
 - Update maintainer and copyright

1.50 (20-Jan-2009):
 - Added Test::Pod::Coverage as a build dependency, as some CPANTS
   test hosts have died during the tests
 - Removed the ConfigFile naming (deprecated for over a year)

1.46 (11-Dec-2008):
 - The 'stupid typos' release :-/

1.45 (11-Dec-2008):
 - Migrated from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build, to properly
   (and more easily) keep up-to-date and valid metadata
 - Added Test::Pod, Test::Pod::Coverage
 - Keeping CPANTS / Kwalitee happy! (hopefully)

1.42 (04-Mar-2008):
 - Explicitly closing the file after reading it, closing a bug on
   wperl.exe on win32. Thanks to Peter Valdemar Mørch for spotting it!

1.41 (20-Oct-2007):
 - Dropped the old, deprecated ConfigFile naming

1.4 (07-Sep-2006):
 - Initial CPAN upload (was a native Debian package before)