2.042 2014-05-25

    The lcdproc model of this release is made for ldcproc 0.5.7. Only a very
    small modification of LCDd.conf comments was required to be able to
    generate a complete lcdproc model from LCDd.conf.

    * Build.PL: run script/gen_LCDd_model.pl at build time
    * AnyEvent is no longer needed in tests
    * LCDd.conf: modified comment to avoid Device being interpreted as list ...
    * lcdconf2model: improved parsing of legal spec from LCDd.conf comments

2.041 2014-01-24

    * require perl 5.10 (like Config::Model)

    * LCDd model generator:
      * off,on values are now boolean. cme will be more tolerant on
        input values (e.g. 'no' will be converted to 'off')
      * removed [.*] from generated doc of LCDd configuration elements

2.040 2013-09-22

    * LCDd.conf v0.5.6 patches:
	  * Specify yes/no as legal values for Foreground (so it becomes a boolean)
      * specify ReportLevel default value is square brackets

    * LCDd model generator:
      * yes,no values are now boolean (requires Config::Model 2.043)
      * ignore default value from file when square brackets are specified
      * don't initialise Hello and GoodBye arrays
      * default value mentioned in square brackets are used as upstream_default
      * tweak model to ensure that DriverPath will end with a slash

    * test upgrade from original lcdproc config file with 0.5.5 and 0.5.6

2.039 2013-06-19

    * model_test.t: avoid warnings in smoke tests
    * updated doc
    * model generator: fixed comments
    * model generator: updated (c) years

0.001 2013-06-15

    * imported LCDd.conf from lcdproc 0.5.6
    * LCDd.conf: removed extra comment that trips model generation

    See Config::Model Changes for older logs