0.240.1 2019-01-17

  Model update:
    * update parameters from systemd 240 source
    * use auto-delete to cleanup empty config files
      (which requires Config::Model 2.133)

  Model generator (parse-man.pl) changes:
    * parse-man: set auto-delete for systemd backend
    * parse-man: infer choice from other enum

  Other changes:
    * add a message when creating a unit file
    * remove mentions of sourceforge mailing list in doc

0.239.1 2018-07-10

  Systemd model update:
    * update from systemd 239 documentation

0.238.2 2018-05-07

  Bug fix:
    * Fix file_path usage in Systemd* backends (Debian #897963)
      This requires Config::Model 2.123
    * Show user message with User logger
    * added t/README.md

0.238.1 2018-03-29

  Model update:
    * The script generating Systemd model from systemd documentation
      was modified to generate Systemd model from scratch. 
    * Old systemd parameters are migrated to the new ones:
      * OnFailureIsolate in unit
      * RebootArgument
      * StartLimitInterval to StartLimitIntervalSec
      * SuccesAction and StartLimitBurst
      * FailureAction
    * updated from systemd 238 doc

  Other changes:
    * Systemd comments are now preserved
    * Build require Config::Model 2.118

0.236.1 2018-01-03

  Systemd model update:
    * update from systemd 236 documentation
    * parse-man: cope with new structure of systemd.exec

0.235.1 2017-10-14

  Systemd model update:
    * update from systemd 235 documentation

0.234.2 2017-10-05

 Update following deprecations done in Config::Model 2.111:
    * all models use rw_config (requires Config::Model 2.111)
    * parse_man: require Config::Model::Itself 2.012

0.234.1 2017-08-27

  Systemd model update:
    * update from systemd 234 documentation

0.232.7 2017-06-24

  This release brings quite a big change to the way cme is invoked for

  "cme systemd" and "cme systemd-user" commands now expect an argument. Either:
   - a pattern to select service names to edit
   - a unit name with or without service type


    cme check systemd '*' # check all units
    cme check systemd foo # check unit matching foo

  This release also let a developer edit a systemd file in some

    cme edit systemd-service <path-service-file>
    cme edit systemd-socket <path-socket-file>
    cme edit systemd-timer <path-timer-file>

  This new interfaces requires Config::Model >= 2.104

  Fix parse-man.pl code that infer element type from documentation:
    * elements where doc mentions 'may be used more than once' are list element
    * more systemd parameters are type list (e.g Conflicts DeviceAllow,
      all parameters beginning with Listen, and others)

0.232.6 2017-01-15

  Documentation improvement:
    * Respect paragraph format of original documentation. This
      improves a lot the readability of the documentation displayed in
      cme and on cpan website.

0.232.5 2017-01-13

  Bug fix:
    * fix Unit Condition* parameters which are list type, not uniline
      (Debian #849490)

0.232.4 2016-12-30

  Bug fix:
    * fix systemd-user load when config dir is missing (Debian #849490)

0.232.3 2016-12-12

  Bug fix:
    * fix load of bad systemd files with -force option
      (require App::Cme 1.016 and Config::Model 2.096)
    * issue an error when a systemd parameter is specified
      twice (can be overriden with -force option)
    * issue a warning when an unknown parameter is found in a
      systemd file
    * avoid writing systemd default values in systemd file

0.232.2 2016-11-22

  Add missing dependency on Config::Model 2.094

0.232.1 2016-11-20

  Release again with correct version number.

0.231.3 2016-11-20

  Systemd model update:
    * update with systemd 232
    * specify default value of some integer parameters
    * can migrate deprecated resource-control parameters
      (for instance, cme replaces deprecated CPUWeight with CPUShares)

  Systemd parser update:
    * parser: enable 2 styles of comments (gh #1)

  Improved model generation from systemd doc (parse-man.pl):
    * model extraction:
      * fix enum values extraction
      * fix integer min max extraction
      * extract integer range from description
      * extract default value of integer param
      * detect and setup migration of deprecated parmaters
      * handle correctly integer with K|G|M suffix
    * description extraction:
      * remove obsolete utf8 cleanup in descrtipion
      * fix bug in description formatting
      * disable insertion of debian man page URL (this debian
        service is now down)

0.231.2 2016-11-13

  Bug fix:
  * Fix parser bug triggered by unit name containing a dot

0.231.1 2016-10-27

  This release uses a new version scheme where the 2nd field shows the
  version of Systemd supported by 'cme'

  Systemd model update:
    * update with systemd 231
    * add support for Timer service

  Bug fix:
    * Systemd model: use new warp syntax
      (required Config::Model 2.087)
    * parse_man: use new warp syntax
      (Require Config::Model::Itself 2.005)
    * fix linkage of generated class in root class (parse-man)
    * remove socket service file when needed
0.007 2016-06-05

  Bug fix:
    * Unit backend: fix read value of accepted elements

  Improved model generation from systemd doc:
    * parse-man:
      * Booleans are yes/no values
      * infer enum choice from "boolean or something else"
        as seen in Systemd doc.
      * parse-man dies when no option is used on command line
      * cannot extract info from IOSchedulingClass doc, this param is
        tweaked using specific instructions

  Generated model:
   * Booleans are yes/no values
   * "boolean or something else" are now enum type with
     choices: yes,no,somethin-else as specified in Systemd doc

0.006 2016-05-11

  Bug fix:
    * do not write 'disable' param in systemd file

  Usability improvements:
    * dist.ini: recommends App::Cme and Config::Model::TkUI
    * improved abstract and description of Config::Model::Systemd

0.005 2016-05-09

    * Added doc to the classes reading and writing systemd

0.004 2016-05-07

    Improved model generation from systemd doc:
    * parse_man:
      * infer enum (some? most?) from doc
      * handles Condition* variables..
      * added -from parameter
      * added copyright and license info...
      * use debian service for man pages
      * preserve upstream doc formatting..
    * regenerated model from systemd 228 with the changes above

0.003 2016-05-02

  Fix utf-8 issues in pod documentation:
    * removed utf8 chars from generated model
    * parse_man: remove utf8 chars from systemd doc...
    * added test to check pod syntax

0.002 2016-04-26

  Bug fixes:
  * Updated dependency versions:
    * Config::Model::Tester 2.054
    * Config::Model 2.083

0.001 2016-04-23

  Initial release