Revision history for Config-ZOMG

1.000000  2013-08-22 17:55:17 CST6CDT
  - Make ->found not trigger a call to ->read (Jakob Voss)
    !!! Note that the above change could break your code, if you depended on it
    (though that seems unlikely) !!!

0.002000  2013-04-04 18:55:29 CST6CDT
  - add find method for searching for files again (Jakob Voss)

0.001000  2011-01-11 22:16:52 CST6CDT
  - Initial fork of Config::JFDI
  - Stop using carp, people can use Carp::Always if they need it
  - lots and lots of cleanup for more idiomatic Moose code
  - Remove isa checks
  - Remove install_accessor feature
  - Remove substitute feature
  - Switch to Moo
  - No longer support config_local_suffix