Revision history for Perl module ConfigReader::Simple

1.293 2018-04-26T16:17:17Z
	* Clarify that it's Artistic License 2.0

1.291 2016-11-23T21:08:11Z
	* Remove the prereq test, but oddly, update all the prereqs. If it
	shows up in a use statement, it shows up in the prereqs.

1.29 - 2014-08-16
	* Check for reference arguments without using UNIVERSAL::isa

1.28 - 2009-06-09
	* Various distro fixes, correct license, and new Makemaker
	hotness. No need to upgrade.

1.27 - 2008-08-20
	* Fixed bug in _validate_keys that looked at a directives
	value instead of checking for the directive name. This
	affected directives with perly false values when you
	gave a list of required keys to new().

1.26 - 2007-11-09
	* cleanups for the move from CVS to SVN, and for the latest kwalitee
	* no need to upgrade

1.25 - 2007-03-16
	* Fixing up distro and verifying that all bugs in RT are fixed
	* A call to new() without args now doesn't try to open the null file

1.24 - 2007-01-09
	* updated copyright and license info
	* no code changes, so no need to upgrade

1.23 - 2006-04-10
	* Changed configuration directive parsing to accept [^\s=]+ instead of
	just \w+
	* If you want to name your configuration directives with characters
	outside of \w, you should upgrade to this version
	* If your teammates are using config directives with characters
	outside of \w, they're going to make you upgrade. :)

1.21 - 2005-08-24
	* Fixed string parsing bug which messed up on continuation lines
	* cloning an object now makes a deep copy, fixing another bug
	* Removed all module dependencies except Test::More

1.18 - 2004-02-10
	* Adam Trickett added support for continuation lines
	* I added docs for config file formats

1.17 - 2003-11-30
	* some fix ups for the POD docs
	* fixed a problem in t/pod.t so the test finds the files
	* if you already have this installed, you don't need this update

1.15 - 2002-10-22
	* new_multiple can keep going if it cannot read a file
	* added $Die, $Warn, $ERROR, %Error variables for settings
	* things that should croak do

1.14 - 2002-09-29
	* cleaned up Makefile.PL
	* added prereq test

1.12 - 2002-07-13
	* added add_config_file() to pull in more configuration directives
	after you have already created the object.

1.11 - 2002-04-28
	* added new_multiple() to parse multiple files into the same

0.91 - 1997-11-03
	* you don't need to call parse() since new() does it for you
	* you can use the NAME=VALUE format in config files thanks to
		Alan W. Jurgensen <>
	* the module is now maintained by brian d foy <>

0.9 - 2000-08-11
   * Bumped up the version number because it's nearly mature
   * Now you can declare all, some or no keys and it will only die if a
     declared key is not found in the config file.
     (Kim Ryan <>)

0.5 - 1999-02-10
   * Changed module name to ConfigReader::Simple to match up with
     other modules in CPAN better. 
   * Quote delimiters now have to be matched, ie not 'foo" etc.
   * Doesn't get confused by trailing whitespace
   * Copes with quote-delimited strings as long as they're all on the
   same line.