2.5       2014-05-01 21:38:00 Europe/Berlin
	- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: make updatePage() behave like the API method of 
	  that name does
	- New method updateOrStorePage() that behaves like updatePage() did
	- Automatically choose the newest available API depending on the Confluence
	  version (unless a specific version is explicitly requested)
	- Use updatePage() API method if available (>= Confluence 2.10) and fall
	  back to shim otherwise
	- New shim for getPageSummary() for older Confluence versions
	- Bugfix: Do not create Boolean RPC arguments based on substring matches,
	  compare complete strings instead (reported by russt [at] releasetools.org)
	- Many documentation improvements
	- "local"ize Data::Dumper global configuration variables
	- Cache serverInfo and return cached value for subsequent calls to 
	  getServerInfo() method

2.4       2014-04-06 00:49:34 Europe/Berlin
	- Significantly reworked the documentation

2.3       2014-01-12 20:04:16 Europe/Berlin
	- Provide ways to set the version of the Confluence API to use 

2.2       2013-02-13 22:29:06 Europe/Berlin
	- Took Confluence.pm from https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DISC/Perl+XML-RPC+client;
		renamed it, added some POD and reformatted the source; no functional changes