Revision history for Control-CLI-Extreme

0.01	2017-11-19
	* Initial; first version, branched off from Control-CLI-AvayaData version 2.04

0.02	2018-01-06
	* Method login() now will accept an empty password, for devices where no password is set but still prompt for
	  a password on connection
	* Adjusted cmd() method's timers for detection of command embedded prompt which were sometimes seen to give
	  some false positives

0.03	2018-02-11
	* Method login() was failing with SSH publickey authentication on ERS on TCP port other than 22

0.04	2018-02-17
	* Connection was not working to serial port of non-master switch in an XOS Summit stack

1.00	2018-02-18
	* First version posted on CPAN

1.01	2018-09-02
	* Internal method discoverDevice(), used by login(), was failing to set the default prompt on "Generic"
	  non-Extreme device types which used either '$' or '?' as last character on their prompts
	* Added support for ISW (Extreme Networks industrial switch range)
	* Added non_recognized_login argument flag to both connect() and login() methods, which controls whether the
	  login() method should immediately return when an initial login output sequence is not recognized or whether
	  the method should keep trying to read login output until either a recognized login prompt is detected or
	  expiry of the timeout
	* Updates to error patterns
	* Added generic_login argument flag to both connect() and login() methods, which disables extended discovery
	  if it is desired to connect to non Extreme devices using this class
	* Was failing to properly read attribute 'max_baud' on PassportERS family type
	* Attribute switch_mode was getting incorrectly set to 'Stack' on standalone ExtremeXOS x440 & x670

1.02	2019-05-01
	* Updated prompt detection for ExtremeXOS to handle cases where prompt preceded by '!' or an operational
	  status like (Demo), (Software Update Required), (orchestration vpex_peer), or anything in brackets
	* Updated attribute() to pick up service ports 1/s1,1/s2 on new VSP7400
	* Method attribute() was not correctly reading BaystackERS sysname if this contained spaces
	* Updates to ExtremeXOS error patterns