0.30 2017-11-13
- Include support was missing in AnyEvent::ProcessPool v.0.4. Bump version and
  reenabled support in calling code.
- Use common::sense

0.29 2017-11-13
- Now based on AnyEvent::ProcessPool, significantly reducing amount of
  complexity of code

0.28 2017-11-10
- Update to Coro 6.514 (experimental support for perls >= 5.22)
- Better support for closures using Data::Dump::Streamer
- Refactor, simplify, and modernize
- Dropped dependencies on Moo, Type::Tiny, and a few others
- Backward incompatible changes:
  - Coro::ProcessPool->defer returns an AnyEvent::CondVar instead of wrapping
    on in an anonymous sub which calls $cv->recv. This is to provide the caller
    with more flexibility with the result.
  - Coro::ProcessPool->(defer|process|map) no longer accept an array ref of
    arguments to be passed to the function in the worker process. Instead, the
    entire argument list is used (e.g. $pool->process(\&func, 1, 2, 3) instead
    of $pool->process(\&func, [1, 2, 3])). This is to simplify the code and
    require fewer function-local assignments, which reduces stack overhead for
    large arguments. Note that this has implications for the map method, which
    now behaves more like perl's map.
  - Coro::ProcessPool->shutdown no longer leaves the pool in a usable state;
    start a new pool instead. This change also impacts any pipelines using the
    pool (previously, the attempting to queue a task to a pipeline configured
    for a pool which had been shutdown would croak).

0.26 2015-06-09
- More reliable process management
- Cleaner shutdown for processes and pool itself
- Pipeline detects parent pool shutdown and shuts itself down
- Additional include paths may now be manually specified to the pool
- Correct handling of MSWin32 in Makefile.PL (thanks Alexandr Ciornii)
- Killed processes replaced on check-in

0.25 2015-04-17
- Fix year in previous entry to Changes
- Pipeline->next now recroaks errors
- MSWin32 now fails to build in Makefile.PL

0.24 2015-03-31
- Fixed missing argument

0.23 2015-03-31
- Set min version of Types::Standard to avoid errors on older cpan testers boxes
- Default values now use subs for older Moo versions
- Fixed bug where message was incorrectly encoded when task result was the value '0' (zero)
- Added Coro::ProcessPool::Pipeline class and pipeline method to Coro::ProcessPool

0.22 2015-03-13
- Disabled test that was running out of memory on cpan testers - sorry!

0.21 2015-03-12
- Switched from Storable to Sereal
- Added tests for oversized data

0.20 2015-03-11
- Fixed bug causing processes to hang when shutting down
- Better integration tests
- Removed queue() method; it was redundant

0.19 2015-03-10
- More refactoring of workflow
- Classes now use Moo
- Deprecated Coro::ProcessPool::Mailbox
- Better handling of child processes
- ProcessPool now starts processes immediately

0.18 2015-03-04
- Fixed ugly bug where pool did not automatically shut down

0.17 2015-03-04
- Rewrite of workflow for safe worker shutdown
- Added queue() method

0.16 2014-12-24
- Added AnyEvent as a dependency to catch obscure error on Linux/ARM systems

0.15 2014-11-14
- Processing errors now include better information
- Tasks may now be submitted with the name of a class implementing new(@args) and run()

0.14 2014-11-06
- Better support for Perl 5.8.9
- Removed dependency on Sys::Info (unsupported on too many platforms and perl versions)

0.13 2014-11-06
- Boosted Storable minimum version to 2.05 (when CODE refs were added)
- Added test to verify CODE refs usable with encode/decode routines
- Removed use of fields pragma

0.12 2014-10-31
- Messages now stringified using Coro::Storable

0.11 2014-10-15
- Fixed recursive call to readable when waiting on inbox handle readability
- map() now defined in terms of defer()

0.10 2014-08-15
- Updated documentation to clarify use of use vs require pragma
- Fixed unchecked safe_cancel in mailbox cleanup

0.09 2014-01-24
- Fixed bug when Sys::Info fails on some platforms

0.08 2014-01-16
- Fixed bad test

0.07 2014-01-10
- Added timeout parameter to process()

0.06 2013-12-18
- Fixed unintentional MSWin32 errors due to imports in tests
- More efficient I/O workflow to allow higher throughput
- Manages worker pool more efficiently

0.05 2013-12-03
- Updated documentation

0.04 2013-12-03
- Fixed documentation errors
- Added map()
- Added defer()
- +added awesomeness using Guard module

0.03 2013-11-25
- Replaced Sys::CPU with Sys::Info

0.02 2013-11-25
- Miscellaneous bugfixes
- POD updates
- Added die() statements to prevent unsafe running on MSWin32

0.01 2013-11-25
- Initial release