v1.12	-	Fixed typo in POD where 144 bits should have said 448 bits
		for the key length. Also changed syntax of "for my $var" to
		"my $var; for $var" to maintain backward compatibility.
		Also, please note new email address, as the old one might
		stop working soon... :)
v1.11	-	Fixed a bug where I couldn't count so that 1.10 didn't
		work with Crypt::CBC
v1.10	-	Fixed most of the bugs, so it now is SSLeay compatible.
		Bugs fixed include:
		+ Perl overflows if you add large numbers, rather than
		  + %(2^32)
		+ fixed the rounds (actually, I've forgotten exactly,
		  because I've been screwing around with them so much).
		+ fixed the keysize, because I can't multiply by 4
		+ changed the internal structure to use a crypt_block()
		  function for encryption and decryption, which has a
		  for() loop on the rounds.
v1.03	-	Changed t/blowfish.t to use the Blowfish_PP module.
v1.02	-	Changed name to Crypt::Blowfish_PP to fix compatibility
		issues with Dave Paris's Crypt::Blowfish module written
		in C.
v1.01	-	Fixed compatibility issues with blocksize() and keysize()
		needed by Crypt::CBC
v1.00	-	First release, implements block encryption and decryption.