version 1.26 (2013/05/13):

    - updated Devel::CheckLib for compatibility with perl 5.18
    - POD encoding fix

version 1.25 (2011/07/26):

    - setting CLONE_SKIP to avoid Crypt::GCrypt objects to be shared
      among threads (fixes #55127)

version 1.24 (2010/02/02):

    - added multi-precision integers as Crypt::GCrypt::MPI (dkg)

version 1.23_04 (2009/12/18):

    - Makefile.PL now requires libgcrypt being not older than 1.3.0

version 1.23_03 (2009/12/07):

    - fixes to make 07-thread.t pass (or skip) regardless of thread support
      or libgcrypt version

version 1.23_02 (2009/11/24):

    - 07-thread.t now passes on MacOS X (dkg)
    - don't try to link to pthread.h if perl isn't compiled with ithreads
      and Pthread

version 1.23_01 (2009/11/24):

    - added new version check functions gcrypt_version() and 
      built_against_version() (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
    - fixed a memory leak and other minor memory optimizations (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
    - new cipher_algo_available() package function (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
    - message digests (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
    - new 07-thread.t test (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)

version 1.22 (2009/11/01):

    - now thread-safe (patch by Daniel K. Gillmor)

version 1.21 (2009/02/04):

    - added Devel::CheckLib to avoid FAIL reports from CPAN testers

version 1.20 (2008/01/25):

    - new "none" padding method

    - added an optimization to make the new API a bit retrocompatible
      in some special cases
    - padding recognition is more robust

    - [API CHANGE] ->finish() is now required after decrypting, because
      the previous implementation contained a bug when decrypting data 
      in multiple calls to ->decrypt(): the module tried to strip
      padding at every call, thus removing wrong bytes in some cases.
      Added the 06-multi.t test and a warning for users who don't 
      call the ->finish() method.
      (thanks to Paul Kolano for bug report and test case)

version 1.17 (2007/10/29):

    - removed warnings on platforms with signed chars

version 1.16 (2006/12/20):

    - fixed compilation issue with GCC 2.95
    - test compatibility with Crypt::CBC 2.17
    - minor code cleanup

version 1.15 (2006/01/06):

    - fixed t/05-size.t (now skips if we don't have Devel::Size)

version 1.14 (2006/01/06):

    - fixed compilation on Solaris (thanks to Andre Schmidt for bug report)
    - fixed minor memory leaks
    - added t/05-size.t
    - changed version numbering format
    - minor changes and typo fixes in POD

version 1.1.3 (2005/12/27):

    - fixed typo in Makefile.PL
    - fixed pointer types in XS code

version 1.1.1 (2005/12/22):

    - minor bug fixes
    - fixed typo in POD
    - improved Makefile.PL for locating libgcrypt
    - added t/03-pod.t and t/04-podcoverage.t

version 1.1 (2005/10/10):

    - added finish() to handle partial blocks
    - added padding with null and standard methods
    - added compatibility test with Crypt::CBC

version 1.00 (2005/10/09):

    - new