Version History


    No code changes just fix incorrect version in META.yml

    TBD     Update Version and Changes
    e42edee Increment missing version in META.yml


    2bde4e1 (tag: 0.27) Update Version and Changes
    5b499ba Fix test error on OpenBSD 6.8

0.26-TRIAL 25-Jan-2021

    7416597 Update Changes
    e43029a Disable -Werror if not author testing and gcc flags if not gcc

0.25-TRIAL 19-Jan-2021

    Same as Version 0.24-TRIAL rename cpan file

    0bd0ec5 Update Version and Changes

0.24-TRIAL 19-Jan-2021

    e60d7cf Update Version and Changes
    3b083e3 Fix some dist issues with extra files
    9794729 Attempt to fix solaris issue by disabling inline optimization
    0ab1b9f Fixes #15 - openssl-detection fails for w10/cygwin

0.23 03-Dec-2020

    b34cabb (tag: 0.23) Roll version 0.23
    5e5bb90 Merge pull request #12 from fastmailops/ConfigurableLibPth
    2243383 Respect PERL_LIBPATH if set

0.22 03-Jul-2020

    Increment version for official release

0.21-TRIAL 03-Jul-2020

    Fix cpantesters issue with indented if statement

        128a7dd Fix incorrect indent issue with if statement

0.20-TRIAL 02-Jul-2020

    Fix issues with verifying certificates based on trusted
    certs using the local CApath or CAfile

        edb8cc0 Update Changes and enable tests for 5.32
        b299e0e Update Changes and Increment to version 0.20
        f58121e Merge pull request #10 from issue7
        58bc456 Allow verification of an intermediate certificate using local root store
        fdcaf73 Fixes #6 remove new_from_x509 documents
        663e21b Fixes #7 - Revert the changes to CAPath and CAFile, make it closer to openSSL verify
        e548214 META.yml missing for cpan info update

0.19    16-Jun-2020

    Issue latest based on 0.18-TRIAL
    No other changes

        618095a (tag: 0.19) Increment Version 0.19 and Changes update


    Potential fix for issues on OpenBSD and Windows and move
    issues and repo to organization site

        9f4359a Increment Version 0.18-TRIAL
        53eabb4 (tag: 0.18-TRIAL) Update Changes for version 0.18-TRIAL
        8d04ccc Merge pull request #4 from perl-net-saml2/issues
        8d04ccc Merge pull request #4 from perl-net-saml2/issues
        a6838f6 Merge pull request #5 from perl-net-saml2/misc-updates
        fcf5feb Update repo and issues location
        583af44 More test standardization
        1c625f9 Fixes #3 - 32 bit pointer conversion
        0a1f804 Merge pull request #2 from perl-net-saml2/issues
        6a032eb Fixes #2 - Use after free bug
        bfe1d0e Update POD

0.17    10-Jun-2020 04:33

    Increment version

        16c240e (tag: 0.17) Increment Version 0.17

0.16-TRIAL    09-Jun-2020 18:56	

    Bug fix and Packaging improvements

        40d313d (tag: 0.16-TRIAL) Update Changes for 0.16-TRIAL
        015cc45 Fix EOL in
        015cc45 (Fix error in Makefile.PL
        bd39e72 Update Changes
        e9e6b95 Increment version
        2d40a41 Fix MANIFEST.SKIP and MANIFEST
        66b307f hv_store returns NULL on failure and this fixes a compile
            error on some versions of gcc with a value declared but not used
        b45e9cd Add MANIFEST
        c3b41a6 (tag: 0.15-TRIAL) Add documentation
        06db323 Increment version and final changes update

0.15-TRIAL    08-Jun-2020 21:02
    Special thanks to Wesley Schwengle (WATERKIP) who cleaned up
    a lot of the code, made it readable and fixed a particularly
    hard to track down bug and most of all fixed a lot I had done
    the opposite of correctly.

    Where to start:

    So for a few minutes we were incompatable with less that 5.014
    but Wesley came through with a fix.

    This was a large cleanup refactor by Wesley with me watching and
    learning from the sidelines.  Not a lot of functional changes but
    it does a lot of things differently (correct?) and the documentation
    is much improved.

        1c57034 Update changes
        4103463 And just like that works with perl 5.010
        b5ace5a Merge pull request #11 from waterkip/readable
        ca526b3 Be backward compatible and use Devel::PPort
        c33c18f noStore is a duplicate and no longer supported
        1d8b065 Perl 5.14 is now the minimum supported version
        fe68fea Magic mg_findext requires perl >=5.014
        cdf5d01 Merge pull request #10 from waterkip/readable
        9528321 Add Test::Exception as test dep
        9337100 Remove duplicate code
        4e31ee0 Remove typedef for X509_STORE
        01c5bbc Use sv_magicext and mg_findext
        2599ec1 Fix null operation bug
        1f8fc02 Add some more whitespaces in docs
        c41131d Update documenation of new()
        d9cad77 Clear the OpenSSL thread error queue
        a0473ff rename bug test
        42796e7 Move new to XS code
        090cdbc Make version dep visible via Makefile.PL so it will actually update when needed
        a61f2c1 Simplify constructor logic
        873908c Add test for null pointer issue
        d6c3189 Make code a bit more readable
        cb496c5 Update Changes
        48c0555 Merge pull request #9 from timlegge/trial-14

0.14-TRIAL    20 May 2020 17:23
        62a7aed Increment Version
        0862601 Require at least 1.807 Crypt::OpenSSL::X509
        e4b3506 remove x bit from Makefile.PL
        40d6c2e Fix pod documentation issue
        cdb334d (tag: 0.13) Update Changes

0.13    Sat, 16 May 2020 13:36:10 GMT
        e2cdf3a Increment Version 0.13
        457a2c7 Add pod info for strict_certs
        1c623db Indent pod to fix formatting
        cf42091 Increment Version, Update changes and add =pod to Verify.xs

0.12-TRIAL      Fri, 15 May 2020 22:01:20 GMT
        9156a97 Merge pull request #7 from timlegge/new-as-object
        92ffc20 Fixes #8 openssh returns different error on freebsd
        1c12f9c Update Changes

0.11-TRIAL Fri May 15 2020 00:10:51 UTC
        176adeb Change to use object for Crypt::OpenSSL::Verify
        6af1067 Update LICENSE info and add Documentation to Verify.xs
        83f714d Add a Contributing Statement
        a6b3828 inc issue with Module::Install
        9071d2e Add Changes
        4149e9d Remove META.yml that was added by mistake
        f64897a Disable author tests by default and t/06-verify-expired-cert.t as it is not ready
        88e952b File::Slurp is a Dependency for tests
        9f11632 Add Github Action
        7920d43 Fixes #5 - Replace Certs and CAs with files that will pass without overides
        aa3d47b Fixes #4 - Test re-declare variables
        510ec69 Add to .gitignore and Update time or v0.10

0.10 Sun May 10 2020 12:45:28 UTC
        e55f868 Fixes #3 - Change log is missing
        7888906 Fixes #2 fix dash in option name causes issues
        44ea736 Fixes #1 Pod format is bad
        00f91c0 Initial version with Crypt::OpenSSL::VerifyX509 compatibility

0.10-TRIAL Sun, 10 May 2020 03:05:33 GMT
    Initial version with Crypt::OpenSSL::VerifyX509 compatibility