Crypt::PKCS11 history

Release 1.03 2015-02-16
 - Removed current Mutex implementation, will be reimplemented later on.
   The Mutex interface is left in but most functions will croak if used.
 - Fix XS bootstrap issues.
 - Added documentation for the Perl interface to all PKCS #11 CK_* C structs.

Release 1.02 2015-02-10
 - Use memory functions as described in perlclib to eliminate WIN32 memory
   problem when compiled with thread support (free wrong pool).

Release 1.01 2015-02-06
 - Changed attribute SubprimeBits to Subprime::Bits in order to not collide
   with SubPrimeBits.

Release 1.00 2015-02-06
 - First stable release.

Development release 0.99_02 2015-01-26
 - Use common::sense.
 - Removed CR from cryptoki.h to resolve compiling on Solaris 11.

Development release 0.99_01 2015-01-22
 - First developer release.